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Thread: Rods and screws removed?

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    Rods and screws removed?

    What are the real true benefits of having rods and screws removed from your spine?

    Will it take away the terrible back pain, will it help you stand up straight and not hunched over, will it make you more flexible?

    I have heard good things from people who have had them removed. Anyone have any negative or same conditions after the procedure?

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    For some, it helps with pain, but not for all. Flexibility may or may not improve, depending on how much fusion you had between the vertebrae, either due to immobilization with the rods or bone graft placed during your surgery. If you have a spinal deformity with the rods in place, sometimes removal will actually make this worse. I would recommend get at least two opinions from reputable spinal surgeons, and I would lean toward an orthopedic spine surgeon for one of these and a neurosurgeon for the other.


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    Does anyone have thoughts on this?? I am fused from L1 up to T 6. I have progressed down to about a t8/t9 level and want to be able to have some more movement core wise. what do people recomend??

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