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Thread: This heat is making me crazy

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    Ohhh August 2000. My son was born on the 21st. Hottest summer ever for me.

    Sunday at his baseball tournament the ump had to get carried out for heat exhaustion. Miserable...
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    This is our most hot day this year, 82F. It was the same yesterday. So we are all enjoying it. I understand I am living in the wrong country.

    I have been in real hot weather. When my daughter was 1 year old, I was in Greece visiting her grandmother and aunt and it was 135 F for 5 weeks and we did not have any aircondition. But usually the south of Europe and Turkey are hot in June, July and August, it is normal with temps between 110 and 120 and no rain at all.
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    I do love hot weather, but this heat over rain sopped ground is suffocating, especially for respiratory issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    OR sounds heavenly. WHY is the economy so bad? I think one of your major exports is meth!

    Is pot legal in OR?
    It is heavenly most of the time living in Oregon. About February though you start getting sick sick sick of the rain and need a caribbean vacation.

    There are many reasons why the economy is so bad. Lots of low paying service type jobs and people who just don't want to leave all of the great scenery. You cannot eat the scenery though, but people will put up with just about anything to stay here.

    We used to be a meth capitol. We were among the first to produce legislation to stop sales of cold products without a prescription which as you know (claims the anonymous source) are part of the meth making process.

    Yes, pot is tolerated here. Again, we were first in de-criminalising small amounts of pot back around 1976 or 77. I guess that is another reason for people not to leave once they get motivation when you are stoned all of the time. Ha! Medical marijuana laws are pretty lax too.

    The real reason is why leave a place that you can go to the mountains skiing in the morning to catch the sunrise and then still make it to the beach in the evening to watch the sunset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    OR sounds heavenly. WHY is the economy so bad? I think one of your major exports is meth!

    Is pot legal in OR?
    Medicinal MJ is. Yeah, here on the OR coast we've been having 65-70 degree breezy days. Usually 55 or so at night. I took this pic at the local beach on Sun. Oregon is truly a great place to live. We've got a bit of every climate- high desert, forests, coastal, temperate valley. This is Sunset Bay:
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    This heat this year has been killing me! It's got my neuropathy going crazy, I can't breathe the air outside, and my blasted body can't regulate the temperatures! Temperatures in the 90's, but with the heat index, we're hitting 100 or better every day. Beth, I don't know how you deal with 110! Normally, we're in the foothills at a higher elevation and our temps should be in the 80's in the daytime and around 68 to low 70's at night....always comfortable. Not this year! Even through the heatwave we had last year, the nights were cooling off and it was easier to breathe.

    I'm lucky to get out of this house two or three times in a month! I usually love summer, but right now, I can't wait for fall to get here. I'd like to spend some time outdoors!

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    I'm reading about all this heat everywhere but here while I'm at work with a space heater on because it's 65 degrees out but our AC won't shut off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anban View Post
    This is Sunset Bay:
    That looks gorgeous!

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    Lovely picture Anban. Little Rock just hit it's all time high of 113 ( will no doubt go a little higher) today. Just a little over 100 where I live, but still the highest temp this yr. Haven't been outside much except early morning, and unlike Bethany, still have mosquitos. But I remember this past winter, and will take this heat as long as the AC keeps working !

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    I can relate Bethany. I lived in Oklahoma for the first 27 years of my life and then I moved to Texas....Summers are even worse here. Winter time is a tiny bit milder though. Stay cool. Hope you get some rain and cooler weather soon. We are on day number 33 of triple digit weather down here.
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