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Thread: Top Gear...parking in the Handicapped bay

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    Idiots. So two wrongs make a right for them. That simplifies the world for a lot of people.
    I'd like to have them follow hubby and I around for a day when we DO find a space, need to put our ramp down and someone is parked over the lines when we come out so I end up backing into traffic with my flashers on loading him in.
    There seems to be little concern in our area to check and ticket abusers.

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    Check out this response.....not even going to bother responding to it:

    Debs Farmer
    Lol I'd go with the Vauxhall idea or an old type Beetle.
    Actually Richard's lucky he didn't end up any worse than he did.
    There's a new thing that's been going on around where I live. Mobility scooters. Now I know some of the people personally who use them and get things like disability and honestly that are in no more need of them than I am. One in particular it's funny how one minute he's on a scooter and the next minute he's fine and whizzing along on his bicycle. He also does work with cars and other stuff.
    There is a big thing right now with people who are supposedly disabled just so they can get all the benefits and such and then get the other back handers and so on. There also was something on a consumer programme about how people are managing to get blue badges backhandedly who don't need them and should not have them.

    The problem with supermarkets is the amount of normal bays there are anymore and I don't mean so much disabled but parent and toddler bays. Our nearest Asda has one side which has several parent and toddler bays. I mean fair enough if it's a weekend or school holidays. But how many people are going to be out shopping with their kids late evening/overnight?

    We're moaning at the boys, but really it was the crews fault as the boys were directed where to go. According to a source the two Js were not happy about having to park in those bays and I think had they have had the choice they'd have chosen not to. Also apparently as they were in a private carpark then the rules are a bit more relaxed then say a supermarket. Had it have been a supermarket carpark they'd have been filming at then chances are they'd have not been allowed to have parked in such places. Or part of the carpark would've again been closed off. I don't think locals disabled or not would've objected to the boys as that means the area and likely even the locals were getting their little bit of fame at the time especially if that had meant getting to speak to the boys if they were able to.

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