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Thread: E Coli

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    E Coli

    This is the second time this year I've been in the hospital for this , this time I spent 5 days in I.C.U. and 5 days in regular room , only this time they put a CATHETER into my right KIDNEY ,I've already had a Bladder Bypass with Stoma on right side , so now I have a bag on my Belly and a leg bag from my right Kidney ,does anyone know why I keep getting this . The bag on my stomach I change every 4 days and the DR always says it looks good . After 7 back operations, both knees ,both elbows , left shoulder , obstructed bowel, Bladder Bypass , Pulmonary Hypertension , all since 1985 , I'm getting tired of life any help????

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    d-mannose [pure] can wash certain e-coli strains out of the bladder

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    I suggest you get a referral to an infectious disease doctor to help ferret out why you keep being reinfected by e.coli.

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