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Thread: How do you forgive youself

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    How do you forgive youself

    My sci was my fault I was drinking and driving and lost control of my car its always in the back of my head that I did this I caused this huge burden on everyone how do I get over this feeling like I deserved what happened.

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    We are not perfect. We are not God. We all make mistakes. In my mind, the only thing unforgivable is if we do not learn from them.
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    There was no cause for my paralysis (Transverse Myelitis) and I still feel guilty!

    Natural reaction.

    It's not your fault medicine can't fix you ... yet. Just keep saying that because it's true.

    If you feel like you 'owe' something, maybe educate within schools and youth groups etc on the dangers of drinking/driving?
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    there's a difference between "deserved" and "responsible for".

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    I feel exactly like Lynnifer. It is not a cause for my paralysis. First my parent made me feel guilty, now my children do. And most people I know and soon I get paranoid or maybe I already am
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    Ali-w, I have a similar story which happened 34 years ago and have had like thoughts in the past. As I am sure that you are aware, the past is gone.
    The only impact a person has is on present events. I tend to think that everything happens for a reason and a persons destiny is not always on the easiest pathway.
    I try to have a positive impact on the environment around me and lead by example. Strangers that wouldn’t have given me a second thought as an able bodied person now tend to approach in a positive manner. Is this part of our destiny? This SCI process most times is more of a emotional/mental battle than physical.......Stay strong!

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    I climbed in a fountain, slipped and fell. A 40 yr old that should have known better, but whatever. Hopefully you didn't hurt anybody else-that would be hard to live with, and I know ppl that live w/ it every day.

    Bad things don't only happen to bad ppl. So you used poor judgment-who hasn't? It's only our poor judgment is on display forever. Luck, fate, whatever causes us to make the bad choices, it's just our job to carry on best we can.

    I'm sorry you feel this way. Guilt is a learning tool, but pretty useless in the arsenal you'll need to get on with it. I think talking to kids about your experiences is a great idea, whether at schools or juvenile rehabs. It feels good to give back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ali-w View Post
    My sci was my fault I was drinking and driving and lost control of my car its always in the back of my head that I did this I caused this huge burden on everyone how do I get over this feeling like I deserved what happened.
    I was headed home and was alone, not drinking and not speeding. The road was damp from a summer shower. I entered a curve and my back end started to slide. As the car turned backwards, I slid off the road and hit a concrete culvert. (The year before mandatory headrests!) The result was a C5-C6 fracture. I kept trying to find someone to blame but it was obvious that my finger kept pointing to me. I finally accepted the fact that I did it and could blame no one except myself and that is was an accident. It was hard to swallow at first but I finally made peace with myself.

    Good luck.
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    I've been doing dangerous activates all my life. [I consider drunk driving to be a dangerous activity] Rock claiming, Parachuting [300 feet up when chute opened] Extreme tree climbing, Flying etc. When one engages in this type of activity, shit happens. Flying down canyons with corners 18 feet apart, under Bridges 20 feet high, landing on the side of mountains. We both were doing dangerous activates. If one really thought about how dangerous driving is every one would stay home. I try to get fliers to fly safe. When flyer's see me in a chair, they tend to think twice about safety. Theres nothing we can do about the past. Rehab the best you can and let your friends know what you have learned. Time to role on.
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    My husband broke his neck nearly 3 years ago falling from a tree. He was shaking a branch to get apples to fall. The branch he was pulling and shaking snapped and he fell backwards about 12 feet and is a C3 complete.
    He had a bad day recently and said "why was I so stupid and reckless...?"
    When he was young he drove drunk, rode bikes, was in a helicoptor crash and did many reckless things, but it was something so innocent that caused his injury.
    Ali, I would tell you to be grateful no one else was hurt. That would be a greater guilt.
    Good luck.

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