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Thread: Living Alone

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    The Lap Tray is a must with the rubberized hot plate pads.

    A real good cloth or canvas laundry bag should be standard issue out of rehab.

    Don't get caught ""borrowing" the basket from the store!!!! Bethany and WOmanFrom Europe might be setting you up for a sting operation or something!!!!

    Good luck on the job prospect!!!!!!
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    In regards to trash I buy garbage bags that have drawstring top so then I put it on my push handles when taking them outside and the garbage just sits on my lap. I use my push handles a lot to keep shopping & grocery bags on my lap too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    To deal w/ trash, in the house I tie up the bag and carry it on my lap, w/ my teeth. (This is disgusting, I know, and I hate it.)

    Edit again-Steal a basket from your grocer immediately, those things are invaluable!
    Same way I throw out trash, except I navigate out my door, down the hallway and throw it up high into a bin in the refuse room. I have no idea how some deal with garbage in their homes during winter - I can't see myself pulling a 'Herby Curby' down a driveway in snow and ice!

    LOL on the basket - first thing I did within my first year of living on my own! Attaching a strap around the neck to hold said bin helps too if it's weighted down with heavy items (laundry soap, cat food - just 2 items!)

    Living on your own without a washer/dryer is going to be hell ... for years that's all I wanted when I had my apartment and I had to wait 12yrs to get them until I bought my condo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saranoya View Post
    Thanks everyone for the pointers!

    Bente, the kitchen with benches and cupboards going up and down is something I would very much like to have, and I can even get some of it funded by the government. But it's something I can only do if/when I buy my own home. I've calculated that I need about double what I have in savings now in order to get an affordable mortgage, so it'll be a while.
    I did not pay anything for mine but I own the appartment. And I am not going to move either. In reallity it is not necessary, I seldom use the electric but I have the benches and the cupboards as low as I like it all the time. And that is much lower than normal. The bench is just over my knees and the cupboards so low that I can reach the second shelf. In the third shelf I have things I seldom use.
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    All good suggestions, but please don't take the store baskets. That must be why I have a hard time finding one when I go to the store !! LOL. They sell them at Wal Mart for less than $5. I love it for carrying my groceries in from the car, only have to make one trip. If I take it in the store I too have a strap attached , around my waist, that keeps it from slipping off my lap. Good luck on the job. Everything else will work out with some inginuity and the many suggestions you will get here.

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    Jane, there are no Wal Marts in Europe If I could buy one, I would never steal one, but I have never seen a shop where I can buy it. The only possible way is to steal it
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    An alternative to becoming a criminal and "lifting" a wally world basket is the reusable bags you can buy for like $1.99 at most all the grocery stores now. I always use them when I go to the grocery because each one will carry more than a plastic bag AND it's good for the landfills. I use them for carrying all sorts of things.
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    I bought this bag. It is a bit pricey, but it is great because I use it on my lap while shopping, bring the stuff to the counter, they ring it up and then put it back in the same container. It is available in different colors, including some solid colors, but I bought this one because it is obvious to the world that it is owned personally and that I am not ripping off the store. It is made in Germany I think, so you should be able to find one WFE without too much problem.

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    It was very nice, but I have never seen anything like it in the shops here. I had a wooden basket but I can't find it.
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    a small rolling cart is handy too .....
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