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    Hello Everyone

    I just found this forum today and have been spending some time reading posts from everyone. After learning about others' experiences, I felt it would just be rude not to share.

    I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS back in 2005. I then spent the next three years with my head buried in the sand because my symptoms just were not that bad. In 2008, I started on copaxone because my symptoms took a sharp turn for the worse. Now I am on rebif because the copaxone just did not seem to be keeping the relapses at bay like it used to. I don't like the rebif because the side effects are just so much worse than anything I experienced with copaxone.

    Nevertheless, I do count myself as fortunate. I am still quite mobile and I get around pretty good with a cane. I can still enjoy my hobbies: wash and work on my car, go shooting at the range, and build computers. I do have to push myself quite hard in order to accomplish the first two though. After doing so, I am drained but I feel good about what I have accomplished in spite of this blasted disease.

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