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Thread: frogs and building habitat

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    frogs and building habitat

    If I stay here I have been thinking about putting a frog habbitat in here. as frogs are amphibians and are indanger of extinction.Here is a simple guide to building a frog habbitat. firstly get yourself a rubber liner the sort of liner for in ground fish habbitat dig a hole big enough to serve as a pond with shallow areas and deaper areas plant some native to the area water plants too provide the tadpoles with a cooler spot. water is the key factor any chemicals like the stuff they use to kill insects or purify the water needs to be left in the light iin buckets. as frogs breathe through their skin they need no fertilizer insecticides or other contaminents a bird mesh covering for the whole area of the frog habitat will keep the birds and cats out.. next sourcing the tadpoles for release, go to the park service or join a tadpole-frog group, that breed and release frogs they are a good source of information. Remember no insecticides can be used in the area around the frog habitat to airate the water a fountain or something similar can be used though not often and not while the tadpoles and eggs are in the water. You need to time the turning on the fountain, I am going with a simple water feature like this..only smaller...

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    < - - - fan of frogs

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    The decimation of most amphibians has been recorded for the last 26 or more years, I would like to see my great neices and nephews know them not just read about them in the books as a 1000000 species we have killed off, leaving only the cane toad the last amphibian alive. theres lots of stuff on thhe web all pointing to the desimation of amphibians world wide.

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    Are you planning the habitat for your yard?

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    here is the toad that lives outside my door. they can live 40 years or more.
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    yeah going to try to turn the patch of garden i now have and will try to breed native to the area frogs....

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    Nice. Just get some earplugs for sleeping!

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    if you havnt guessed, im into frogs n toads.
    have kept many varieties as pets. Im disapointed to have not seen any green tree frogs like the one in my avatar since the carolina's is their natural habitat.
    I have seen many blue tailed skinks, anoles, and a black fat tailed skink.

    also toads, a grey tree frog, a box turtle and a little three inch snapping turtle. all came to visit me on my cement patio in the year and nine months I have lived in upstate south carolina.

    Im hoping to get in on the next clemson frog servay in 2013.

    if you ever want to try having a pet amphibian I recomend starting with firebelly toads, or a whites tree frog. (dumpy frog) love dumpy frogs. very neet creatures.

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    I've had shingleback lizards, frillneck lizards, blue tongue lizards, geckoes, skinks, frogs, a few spiders, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs,ducks, geese, and chickens, a couple 1000 mice (bred mice for 4 pet shops and for the snakes and other carnavores as a business when younger), ferrets, birds and other creatures as pets.

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    a list of native frogs found in my area is available here

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