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Thread: spinal dural av fistula

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    Wish i could meet a neurosurgeon that would just speak his mind

    I posted above a relpy to Edi Wagners email to me about spinal dural fistulas, (hope thats cool with you Edi), I dont mind if a doctor simply just does not know but im getting the shits with them because as my condition is slowly deteriorating, they wont give me any advice, for example, can i push myself in physical activity. I do not look at doctors as gods and realise they are human beings that dont have all the answers. Bloody hell, im extremely gratefull that i can still walk, thanks to their sacrifices in spending years studying to be a doctor then surgeon, but me thinks that australia is embracing to much american litigation culture and i get the feeling that the dont talk straight with you when they may not have the answers for fear of people suing them. Fuck the low life ambulance chasing lawers in america and australia. I beleive that i would have a far greater understanding of my condition if doctors were not afraid to openly talk straight with you. sorry for my attitude but im not even upset that i have this condition, thats just the hand of fate, but why the fuck cant australian doctors say they dont know if they dont know or even tell you their gut feeling about a condition, cheers all

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    Cool My Response To Edi Wagners Email

    Hello Edy
    thanks for your email response
    Sorry i have not responded before today, my computer email has not been working and shows it sent mail but recipients do not receive it.
    Hopefully all fixed now.
    How did your surgery go ??
    The reason i went on the forum is because i get the same responses from doctors that you have been getting. They dont answer me with any sort of answer that makes sense. I think that they just dont know. with me they first placed glue up into fistula, worked for a while then got worse. They then surgically seperated fistula. Again worked for a while then got worse to a certain point and has stayed at that level. I can still walk around but the more i walk in one go, say 120 metres, the pins and needles and burning in the legs gets worse to the point i have to stop for 1/2 hour, then i can do it again. Sometimes when im sitting on the floor, i have to use something to pull my self up to standing. I ride large motorcycles and the condition does not get worse, Even the vibration on the motorbike does not have any effect on on the condition, only when walking. Doctors give me no advise.They just say come back if condition gets worse. I asked about how much should i push myself. They say to do what ever i feel i can do, but they have no advice on what is too much or to little.
    Hope your op went well
    all the best
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    On November 20th will be 2 month from surrgery

    hi Mick,

    On November 20th will be 2 month from surrgery.
    Some capabilities I've gain back like blader function and some walking improvment.
    I think is to early to draw an conclusion. I'll be back with news after 6 months.
    see you

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    I forgot to post some news . After 6 month at MRI scan, there were improvements.
    Myelopathy area is gone, though spinal cord is somehow twist and slightly compressed in thoracic area.
    I managed to walk continuously about 2 hours at an pace of 4km/hour ☺, last month.
    On 20 September will be one year from surgery. Still I’m not able to run even if my life depends on it, I’m very glad with what I’ve got.
    Hope that you are doing well Mick.

    Kind Regards

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