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    Electrical Equipment Question

    Here in Australia we use 240 V at 50 Hz and I am going on a cruise which uses 240 V at 60 Hz. I need to take an alternating overlay and I have an AlphaXcell and a Pegasus Viaclin. My problem is that they are both rated at 50 Hz and I know that taking it aboard the ship and using them will make them run faster, but would they be OK. Any electrical experts out there?


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    Most electronics these days have an internal power supply that regulates voltage and frequency.

    Most motors for the air pumps are connected to the power supply and not the mains and run on DC from the power supply. If they were connected directly to the mains, you are right that that they would run faster (+10 cycles per second). This is not a problem for AC motors. Voltage is a problem for AC motors as the current draw is directly related to voltage. E=IxR OHMS law.

    Air mattresses typically use the same type pump/motor as CPAP machines (DC motor) and are controlled by the internal power supply
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    Thanks for the information, you are quite correct. I contacted manufacturers of both my alternating overlays and they were able to confirm they would be OK at 60 Hz. Said much the same thing you just did.


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