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Thread: Tips for Getting Out of a Hoyer Lift Sling?

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    Surehands body support lifts are great.
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    Sorry about the apparent post and run. I'm recovering from surgery and in the process of buying a lift-equipped van and getting it shipped to the USVI and things got out of control right after I posted this.

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thank you so much for the wealth of information about options for safely getting my body from point A to point B.

    GJ, I can see the advantages of the Easy Pivot, but it's not a viable option for me. My right leg is too tight and out of alignment to work with the design, and frankly, the position during the transfer looks like it would be awfully painful on my boobs! Always happy to learn about options, though. Thanks for introducing me to it.

    MSspouse, gac3rd, Cowboy, and Ranger -- the SureHands looks amazing. I will definitely find a way to get a ceiling track model installed if/when we ever make it back to the mainland. I'm going to see about getting a portable model for use down here -- hopefully the company can both find a way to work with someone who's not in the lower 48 and has experience in getting Medicare to pay for rental of a portable unit. I have very good core strength, but my arms are too weak to push up in my chair, which will hopefully be enough to make it work.

    My one big concern about the Surehands/Polaris is that the thigh supports are hard plastic with no padding. I'm an incomplete quad, and deal with hyperalgesia and allodynia my right leg. Just the thought of my right thigh being even lightly pressed against that plastic hook makes me feel like screaming. It's something that would have to be addressed to make it usable for me.

    Emi2, given the tight time frame I'm working with and the limitations that go with where I live, the hygiene sling is the most viable option. Hopefully the chest strap won't cut into my left scapula (which has nothing protecting it except a few layers of skin, so it's very sensitive to pressure, which causes extreme pain and often opens the skin graft). Thank you for the suggestion!

    Ryan -- that's the sling I'm trying to avoid. Even though I'm certain I'd feel more secure with that added fabric supporting my backside, leaning forward 5 inches to get it out from beneath me would necessitate completely repositioning me afterward, which defeats the purpose of using the lift.

    Jody -- that is an interesting blog with lots of practical info. What a blow that couple had with both of them being diagnosed with a progressive muscle disease within five years of each other. My emotions and marriage struggle under the weight of my progressive SC damage. I can't get my head around holding everything together emotionally and financially if my spouse were going through the same thing. Oy.

    Thanks again, everyone.
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    I could not use the SureHands leg supports, and they do have a cloth leg strap set up that may work for you.

    On portable lifts with overhead track systems take a look at click on the video button to see their Easy Track set up. The other manufacturer of these things seems to be Waverly Glen which is what the fellow in the video with the rope pull has.
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    I don't *think* the hygeine sling will hurt your scalpula as it goes lower, around my boobs kind of? and is padded a bit, more padding could be sewed or taped on. Also, there are 3 positions/loops on each stap, I think they can be arranged so that the top ones are on the closest/shortest loop while the leg ones are on a longer loop, thus putting more of the pressure on your legs.
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