just wanted to say hi and I am very happy to look up info on this site!

I was in a wreck on Jan 8th. SCI T10 its been very weird changes of course, I have got alot of return in sensation I can feel both my legs all the way to my feet. its not the best sensation but I can def feel them when I touch them. I was in therapy very short due to insurance. My last days of therapy was walking in KAFO's in parallel bars. my hips and hip flexors have come back. the only thing that sucks is that I have no more therapy! The best and last day of therapy i walked very good in the bars. I just cant believe how 1 hour a week is supposed to fix someone. I have just bought some KAFO braces and I am just going to keep doing my own therapy! I feel lots of changes every day, my right leg sensation came back first then my left leg came back a few weeks ago. its funny it took 4 month to get my rh leg to come back, started with feeling warm water then with touch. my left leg came back in like one day? kinda strange! as of now i still have no movement in my legs just sensation. I have knee pads that i put on and get on the floor and crawl, which is good, I’m using my hip muscles and taking "crawl steps" Its constant work everyday, I go to the gym and work on my trunk which was terrible when I woke up, my abs, and lower back muscles have come back. I do feel like I can kinda squeeze my calf musle but I dont see anything moving just feel like i can. my thoughts are maybe they are just to week to move but i feel some sort of connection. not sure. I moved into a place by myself the day I was released from hospital and I have no problem taking care of myself and doing house work, just wondering what do I do to keep the therapy going? I am buying parallel bars next week. I’m think that’s a good start just keep walking in the bars with my kafo's as much as i can.My doctors/therapist aren’t the best, any advice would be great! thanks!