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Thread: Britain's 50 most hated Americanisms, from A to Zee...

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    I bet you have to carry her to Piggly-Wiggly, too. (Translation for others: This means transport. In the South, one person may carry another any distance, since it just means giving someone a ride in your car.)

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    "Hon" is Baltimorese,

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Im pretty bad with dude, or dood. it has been part of my vocabulary since the seventies, so is difficult not to say.

    some people get annoyed.

    dooood! check this out! doood! you wont believe this! dooooooood! whats up? hate dudette though, it just is silly. ...... or it is silly.

    my mom learned to speak from her mom, and her moms mom only spoke latin and kumeyaay, so small vocabulary with beach bum flavor. I still forget myself and make orange sound oynge. guess I speak like a heathen.

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    If those little things bug the Brits, text messaging must drive them up the wall. lol Just sayin. Understand?
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    LOL, it is good you are teaching me American.

    But Jody, what did the last sentence mean
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Words ............words words words words !! Behold the master "True that" (The Brits missed that one!)

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    Maybe I'm a rarity then, a Brit who isn't irked by Americanisms.

    Betheny - as far as I'm aware, we call soda just "pop" here.

    Oh I must admit I get annoyed by Brits saying "zee" for our "zed". And when Brits pronounce the word "privacy" the American way. We say it privvasy, American way is pry-vasy. Apart from that, I'm easy going, lol.

    I'm noticing more and more people saying "ass" instead of "arse" - I do it myself. The "heads up" is also slowly creeping in here.

    Brits annoy me more with the use of "of" instead of "have". I rarely notice Americans making that mistake, but loads of Brits do it, and it really irks me.

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    "of" instead of "have"??
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by crypticgimp View Post
    "of" instead of "have"??
    Yeah, loads of Brits write and say stuff like "I would of..." instead of "I would have..." Drives me insane. More annoying to me than any Americanism.

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    Everybody needs to listen to that 2nd utube video Obie posted. It's amazing. George Carlin was the SHIT.

    He just made me realize I've been shell-shocked. I was crippled, and now I'm shell-shocked, because my husband unexpectedly died.

    Listen to George, you'll hear what I'm talking about...Calling it what it is.

    I wheeled past an abandoned house this a.m., and thought "Uh-oh, another one that got over-leveraged." Had to laugh at that, b/c what I meant was "Somebody spent some money they didn't have." Or maybe they got fired.
    Made redundant. Victim of reduction of expenditure in the Human Resources Department...

    "True that" came from the Cajuns. Which I believe, Obie, makes us equally responsible.

    How about some great Americanisms? We have them, word up.

    Heathen is another. It doesn't have religious connotations, in KS we said "heatherns" LOL. Hard to define to a Norwegian, let me try. A heathern is not behaving as society considers appropriate. It might be like the Aussie bastard, there are many forms of heatherns. It comes from Christians trying to convert others to Christianity, but it evolved. Kids out of control? Little heatherns. In Jody's case, she meant mongrel, I think, like of mixed origin. That's another form of heathern, and it describes most Americans, actually.
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