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Thread: Britain's 50 most hated Americanisms, from A to Zee...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino View Post
    Yes, definitely true. I'm told
    Quote Originally Posted by keps View Post
    Yes GJ, brothels are known as "knocking shops" here, but it's not a term you hear much of, like the word brothel itself. Maybe I've had a sheltered life, lol.

    rdf - lol.
    I'm shocked and disappointedly surprised that you two knew that!

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    I found this as an explanation most enlightening---

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    tude is a much hated american short cut that should be stomped/rum over/ cut up and feed to crocadile with attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    In The UK, it's pronounced "zed".
    In Canada as well. I started English 2 years ago and I still catch myself using words like "got", "gotten" and many more. it's hard to break the habit. I grew up with these words.
    Never Give Up!

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    ass hole = arsehole really annoys me,
    ass = a small member of the horse family, how we get a hole on the end of ass = arsehole- the American tradition to add r's gets reversed... I don't think so. I personally think it's an attempt at American politeness hone seeeriously wrong. You can't call someone an arse but it's ok to refer to them as an ass, but then you go and destroy it by refering to them as an asshole?
    a r s e hole = anus the part of the anatomy we shit out of came into use in the 15th century, how we got to asshole from there America? Wikipaedia has no answers.

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    I wasn't around for the creation of the pejorative word asshole-but I know one when I see one!

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