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Thread: Any quads use iPhone 4?

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    Any quads use iPhone 4?

    How can i find voice commands and other quad friendly ways to use it?

    I looked at a couple of old threads on it,

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    i was then i switched to the HTC SENSATION 4G it has talk to text but i dont use it i text with my left thumb

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    lizbv does - you could pm her.

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    Yup. Works well.

    Voice Control is activated by holding the home button down for 2-3 seconds.

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    I do too. Love it. There is a free Dragon Dictate App you can D/L. vERY accurate and allows you to send via txt or email.

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    I've had one for several months now and love it. My wife has the Android Incredible by HTC. The iPhone is easier for me to use, but I think she has more voice features.

    DragonDictate is awesome on the iPhone and there's also an app called Dragon to Go! which I haven't found to be all that great yet.

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    I was about to get it, but the rumors of another iPhone coming out this September October keep me on the sidelines. Let's see what happens at their iPod event next week… Maybe they'll unveil iPhone 5. I really hope they do, because I have the iPhone 3G S on AT&T's network and I really do have to say that their network is atrocious. If you call doesn't drop, there's interference and you can either hear the person talking to you, or the person talking to you can hear you but you can hear them and it is just very frustrating. And it sounds like we are going to be able to choose any carrier, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint should all be getting the phone from what I have read in the Wall Street Journal. Hopefully comes out this month and next, but one thing is for sure I am getting it and it's not going to be with AT&T or T-Mobile… They're guilty by association… Ha ha

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