1] CNS News - Flashnews
````US Adult Stem Cell Findings Re-Ignite Debate Over Embryos
The publication of U.S. research highlighting the evidently massive
potential of "adult" stem cells (...)

[2] CNS News - Flashnews
````Adult Stem Cells Show Promise, New Study Says
A scientific team at the University of Minnesota has announced a
breakthrough in using adult stem (...)

[3] CORDIS - Scientific Research
````New research on stem cells could mean breakthrough
Adult stem cells could provide the same benefits as embryonic stem
cells according to new research (...)

[4] The Sydney Morning Herald - National
````Ministers join fight against stem cells
Three senior ministers yesterday joined an outspoken challenge to the
Prime Minister's support of (...)

[5] International Herald Tribune - The Front Page
````From bone marrow, the raw material for cures
WASHINGTON Researchers have isolated a type of cell from bone marrow
that seems capable of (...)

[6] New Scientist - latest news
````Landmark stem cell experiments published
Landmark stem cell experiments
published 19:00 20 June 02 NewScientist.com news service A team (...)

[7] BBC News - Health
````Record payout for Asian surgeon
An Indian-born doctor has won a record payout after an employment
tribunal ruled the British (...)

[8] BBC News - Health
````Children 'unhappy with their bodies'
Children as young as seven believe they are too fat, and researchers
warn they are at risk of (...)