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Thread: urine problem

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    urine problem

    I just IC'd and at the end of the catherdar had some brown stuff in it as i was pulling it out. Could anyone tell me what this could be?
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    Any changes in medication or diet lately? Does the "brown stuff" clog the catheter so that urine doesn't flow out the end of the catheter? Do you think you are emptying your bladder completely? Are you having to cath more frequently than usual. Is the urine normal color and clear before you notice the "brown stuff?" Does the urine have a foul odor? Are you having any pain or burning in your bladder or urethra? Have you noticed any red blood in the urine/catheter? Have you had any difficulty getting the catheter to pass through the urethra?
    Likely, the "brown stuff" is sediment and/or old blood (dried blood cells). Others and the nurses may have some thoughts and ideas.
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    No changes in meds, it does not clog the catheter, i'm pretty sure i'm empting my bladder all the way. I don't have cath more often, Yes my urine is clear until the brown stuff came out. the urine smells fine, no blood and problems going through the uretha.
    sometimes life is hard, but the alternative is unacceptable.

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