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Thread: Post op flap surgery at home?

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    Post op flap surgery at home?


    I am 99.9% sure that I will have to have flap surgery on my coccyx in the near future. I have an appointment with my wound doc. on Monday and I will address this with him but I wanted to hear from you in reference to this subject matter.

    Like some of you know, I just spent 19 months in a nursing home and finally got the hell out of there on June 30. My insurance company didn't supply me with the correct bed so consequently I have a 9 cm x 8cm pressure wound and the bone is anxious to reveal it's ugly head.

    My question is, have any of you spent your six to eight weeks at home in a Clinitron bed? My caregiver will be here forty two hours a week and I also have a home health nurse.

    What needs to you have beyond the obvious of three meals a day, bed baths, colostomy and Foley care? If I have to go back to a nursing home for this I will lose this apartment due to the share of cost that I have to submit to the nursing home. I am not able to describe an approiate adjective that I would feel based on the fact that I just left one and I have enjoyed going back into the community and I have only been in this apartment twenty nine days.

    Yes, I acknowledge that I will see my doc. on Monday but again, I just want to hear from you're experiences.

    Thank You!

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