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Thread: Back on the road to a cure...

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    Wait, stop, hold the presses!

    Ladies and gentlemen, enough is enough.

    I have received 23 emails in the last 24 hours about this omentum controversy, asking for information, demanding I get meeker and Arnie to stop posting (like I can actually accomplish that!) and the majority asking me to keep pounding arnie for a response to my question, 'what are you and Dr. Lima planning on doing?'

    I just wrote Arnie to ask that he respond to me privately or on the forum. I don't know why he would post the news then keep it secretive; I have my suspicions, of course, but if he is legitimate, we must give him the benefit of the doubt, right?

    I have decided from here on out NOT to get involved ANY MORE on the forum with this omentum thing, or respond to meeker's antagonism. I did my own research on it last year, found OMENTUM TRANSPOSITION AS GOLDSMITH DOES IT to be less than reliable but the theory of omentum transplanting to be sound; maybe one day it will be included in combination therapies.

    But, this whole thing has become out of balance, folks, and I can't do anything other than what I've stated. Please pound meeker and Arnie with probes, I'm out of it, I've done my best and I'm getting nowhere.

    By the way, if Arnie and Dr. Lima are doing an OEG trial soon here in the states, why wouldn't I want in? Makes sense to promote it here if it's legit. However, if Arnie is not being honest, I agree with those who have written me lately saying he should be exposed. But let's give him a chance to respond appropriately, ok?

    Whew, enough already! Let's give it a rest...
    Personal record on the treadmill yesterday, 17 tough minutes but well worth it. Crazy spasms and increased sensations, tambem.

    Off to the pool. Tchau!


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    Vgraf, agreed about staying out of it. But try as I might...

    Funny, I also received a cryptic, nonsensical personal e-mail from the meekest one of all which basically said to "back off and you might learn something". Or in other words "stop messing with me and Arnie or else!" And also a comment about "intimidation"? No comprende(sp) meek. Splain yourself.

    Again, "might learn something" That's just it meek we're waiting for you to TEACH US SOMETHING WE DON'T ALREADY KNOW. Don't you get it? We've heard, read, listened, debated this stuff long before you came around.

    Here's a suggestion, try reading Luba's book and then come back to us.

    Is that clear meek and mild. Maybe then you can dazzle us with your brilliance and not baffle us with bulls%*t.

    Sorry X-Racer I couldn't resist.

    Onward and Upward!

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    omental transposition

    "This surgery, known as omental transposition, is one of the most innovative procedures of this century. The procedure involves surgically lengthening the omentum-a large, fatty apron that is attached to the stomach and transverse colon and hangs freely down over the intestines-to areas of the brain or spinal cord that have been damaged.
    The omentun is not just an apron of fat: it is virtually alive with regenerative properties. It is the remnant of the membrane that encloses you as a fetus, and thus contains angiogenic factors-which stimulate the developement of blood vessels and increase blood flow-as well as neurotrophic factors, which nurture nerve tissue. Both of these mechanisms have now been demonstrated to facilitate brain and spinal cord injury repair, and to improve brain and neurologic function."
    ("Health & Healing Tomorrow's Medicine Today" June,1997. vol.7 No.6)
    You can tell 'uncletad' that I read my mail.

    jrm design art studio

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    Good God

    Where would we be without Omentum, Omentum<Omentum>Omentum, and Dr. Goldsmith.

    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    I'm taking off for a few days, hitting Echo lake at 6000 feet and my last couple Cubans, with trout rod and cognac.

    I hereby announce I am formally dropping this whole meeker/arnie thing for good. I gave it my best to get usable information from these guys, and it hasn't worked. I'm just not into people playing games, for whatever reasons, over issues this critical.

    'Take it away, meeker, it's yours, Arnie...'

    ...I can just see meeker now, flailing away at the 'Rating' button, 'I'm gonna paste vgrafen now, only 1's from here on out, that'll fix him!'

    You fixed me alright, john, boy...


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    cryptic email!

    Chris and vgrafen , meeker was busy , i got a cryptic nonsensical email too. i hope we will soon see the last of this subject .

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    Acckk, why has the omentum stuff invaded Vgrafen's thread.

    Meeker, please have the surgery yourself! I'm sure Dr. Goldsmith could find it in his heart to perform it on you pro bono or at least in exchange for the free advertising your doing for him.

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    chico, ca, usa

    Dealing with paralysis, chilling anger, and waiting

    I got back late last night after a much-needed high mountain break. Now, I've been camping several times this summer, always way up in the Sierras to beat the heat, but usually it's an event marked by hassle and compromise and a lot of me sitting and watching the kids cavort and my wife's gorgeous ass bobbing about the water. This trip was trouble-free, no mosquitoes and I even got in the lake and rolled around for a couple hours. I realize these may not be entirely exciting events, but for the first time I was able to enter and exit a primitive lake with no real assistance, using an old log to grab onto. I prefer remote camping where there are no formal campgrounds, and where nobody has to fuss over me; yesterday was heaven!

    At around 2pm, sitting in the shade sipping a Corona with lemon, my last Cuban burning away and life, for the moment, VERY good, my father, who always comes with us, came up to me, 'Hey, there's a guy in a van over there that wants to talk to you about how you got into the lake. He's in a chair, too, why don't you go talk to him?'

    Man, now here I am getting away from plegic-ness and I'm once again thrust into dealing with it, like it or not. Oh well, so I finished my beer and followed my dad, who already had asked him for his background. Kevin is a c-4 quad, incomplete but barely, only a finger or two, maybe 30 yrs old, 6 yrs post. Full insurance settlement, every plegic gadget imaginable in that van, but money doesn't buy happiness, I suppose, 'cause the guy was just pissed, really shitty attitude, glaring at me the moment I appeared. I did my usual 'upbeat' Mr. Confidence thing; last thing in my mind was having to defend or explain myself. Geez, I'm in the mountains, you know?

    My dad kicked it in, 'Yeah, my son here is really making improvements, he's treadmilling, recovering well from experimental surgery, and now getting in and out of the lake is another huge step, and/

    Kevin wasn't having any of it. Bitterness oozed from him.'Yeah, that's great, for YOU, I guess. So what, you had Medi-cal pay for some experimental surgery? Looks like you don't even need it!'

    I was cool, still way mellow. 'No, I rounded up what money I could, my dad chipped in, I did a few fund raisers and went to a research site where the poeple added to it, and I took out a loan for the rest.'

    'But you can't walk yet.'

    'Uh, no, but I'm on my way to recovering from the surgery, I'm getting some sensation back, and spasticity; I figure this was the first big step in a series of steps, and...' I went on to patiently explain what Cheng had done, what was going on now and where I was headed.

    Kevin wasn't buying any of it. 'Yeah, I can see you're all spastic, you forget your Baclofen? You must be loaded on some killer drugs to be all happy like that.'

    'I don't take Baclofen or any drugs,' I replied.

    'Yeah, right, look, you wasted your money if you can't walk, wasn't that -f-ing stupid?' He turned to my dad, 'You just let him spend your family fortune on some stupid experiment? -F-ing stupid, if you ask me.'

    Before my dad could answer, I had put on my game face; takes me awhile some days when I'm not prepared but I'm a decent Boy Scout. ' Hey, Kevin, I don't know you for Adam but I came over here because you wanted to ask me something. You want to criticise me, ok, but you lay off my old man, dig?'

    'Or what?' he said. If looks could kill, I'd be dead. At any rate, it was time to ignore him; poor guy had his own misery he couldn't deal with.

    'Or nothing, Kevin, see ya,' I said, turning around. Figured my dad and I would kill a couple cold ones in private, round up the kids and forget about this sad sack of pus. SCI makes a-holes of a lot of us, I suppose.

    We were finished with the beers, kids loaded up and I was just doing a catheter when Kevin, in his van, pulled up, effectively blocking our departure. 'Geez, what now?' I thought, dropping my piss bag and turning and rolling his way.

    'Listen, are you a salesman or something?'

    'No, just trying to beat this injury; best way I know is to limit the negativity.'

    'And you really believe you're gonna walk one day?'

    'No, I KNOW I will, I'm keeping myself in shape, stretched, healthy/

    'Man, you are bullshitting yourself big-time, and your old man, too.'

    Please forgive me, folks, for losing my cool at this moment. Usually I'm mellow, water off the duck's back to most antagonism, but this guy's insinuations tipped me over the line. His partner, young guy in early 20's, had been silent the whole time, but now he was giggling. I turned to him, 'What's your friend's problem? Why's he so pissed?'

    'Well, 'cause he's paralyzed, life sucks, and/

    'Nah, life sucks because you want it to suck,' I exploded, 'because it's easier to sit and blame the world for your -f-ing misery, look at you, Kev, you're fat with money and sick with anger. Me, I'm poor as hell, and yeah, I'm plegic but I love life, and I'm doing what I can to enjoy it and to overcome this injury.'

    I should have stopped there, but... 'And I know this, when I'm up and walking and playing with my kids and making love again to my wife, you're still gonna be sitting there, whining and bitching that life screwed you. You screwed yourself, Kevin, and/

    'F you!'

    'And you know why? Because you got no faith, no trust, no love, and I'm sorry about that but that's what you did to yourself somewhere along the line. You started this, kev, I didn't ask for it but I'll tell you one last thing, I'll bet, deep inside yourself and below your pissy anger, you LIKE being in that wheelchair, look at all the money and sympathy and/

    'F you!'

    'And attention you get, why, you even got a pretty little boyfriend who'll...'

    Sparing you the remainder of our shouting match, my kids and wife spilling out the truck to whiz me away from the scene, Kev and his buddy left the camp in a cloud of middle-fingering, tire-spinning and dust. I sat there another ten minutes, alone, calming down, until I got in the truck and we drove home.

    I have made more enemies, it seems, since I have been in this chair almost 3 years now than in all my years as an AB. What is it about this injury that so brings out the best -and worst- in us? What can you say to a Kevin, how do you reach him, and do you even try?

    This morning I feel sorry for him, and initially I did yesterday, until he provoked me. I suppose, once injured, we become more of who we actually are; this injury magnifies our remaining qualities, good bad and ugly.

    One thing is certain: life in a wheelchair, at least for me, is never boring.


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    A question, V

    It sounds like you had another odd confrontation. I dont have many myself but sometimes I try to inform people and bring them here and they resist. Keep up the faith.

    Why do you only post here on the cure forum? Don't you think you have things to say to others who don't visit this site? Just a thougt.

    somebody get us out of these chairs!

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    Too bad about Kevin. Unfortunately I think that he is more the norm than the exception. Additionally I'll bet that Kevin, injured or not, was/is the same miserable sob he proved to be.

    My experience as a volunteer in a program at Craig called "Re-entry" has exposed me to a few "Kevin's" as well as the parents of "Kevin's" who can be worse than the patient. One example recently was a woman (mother) of a quad who's been injured 6-7yrs who accused me, in a meeting of about 40, of being a liar and that no such thing as informative as CareCure even existed. I offered an online example she wanted to hear/see nothing of it. So hellbent she was that I was a fraud that she complained to the administration that I was misleading the poor and downtrodden sci patients like her son into believing, hoping and working towards a cure for which there wasn't. She was so convinced (brainwashed) that she started telling (shouting)at all the patients / families to not listen to me about the cure, etc. Sad, very sad. I sat there with Luba's book in my hand and a visual representation of continued recovery (myself) and yet it wasn't enough. Bizarre.

    Some in this world perpetuate the negative, dwell on the past, and wallow in self pity. Disabling whatever ability they or a suffering loved one may have by enabling them to drown in the abyss of despair.

    There are many "Kevin's" out there. My approach and attitude is that I offer myself as an information resource now and not so much as an opinion giver. I find myself no longer beating the drum of hope for everyone but only those who want to believe in the future.

    And I've found it very reflective of life in general whether ab'd or da'd. It's easy to be bitter, sad, whiney, poor me. It requires much more work to be upbeat, positive, constructive and effective regardless of circumstances.

    To the "Kevin's" of the world now I no longer try to educate or convince. Because no matter what I say they're not going to change. It has to come from within.

    Sorry for the long post but your story obviously struck one of the few nerves I have left.

    Onward and Upward!

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