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Thread: Back on the road to a cure...

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    Dr Young's wise suggestion

    Well, Doc, I've taken up your challenge. Not being a country & western aficionado, it's been a stretch, but I managed to get in mention of the pickup, the dog AND the Lawd!

    Anyone wants to add a tune to this?
    (Back On) The Road To A Cure
    Ah've been down 'most every highway,
    Ah've traveled every road
    My dog, my pickup and my Safewheel(TM) /
    Wheelchair carryin' the load

    Against all reas'nable advice
    Ah've searched every nook and each cranny
    Facing the scorn of mah peers
    Who prefer sittin' still on their fannies

    They think that Ah've totally lost it
    Them doctors look at me askance
    Prescribe more Prozac & Viagra
    When Ah tell them "Someday Ah WILL dance!"

    Oh cure! C-U-R-E! Oh cure!
    If Ah don't try Ah'll never know for sure
    If this is the road that's hell's highway
    Or if Ah'm back on the road to a cure

    To get them lost limbs back in shape
    Ah've been rollin' & stretchin' & strainin'
    From FES to shark embryo chowder
    Now Ah'm tryin' ambulatory trainin'

    Ah put all mah faith in mah saviour
    And researchers, close and far flung
    Ah promise the best of behaviour
    If Ah can just get well while Ah'm Young!

    Oh cure! C-U-R-E! Oh cure!
    If Ah don't try Ah'll never know for sure
    If this is the road that's hell's highway
    Or if Ah'm back on the road to a cure
    All Rights (Un)reserved by BenL
    Down heah in sunny South Africa
    (Actually I prefer prog rock.)

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    Brillian Ben

    I love it!! lol

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    if it isn't one thing...

    Man, got a hammer blow to the center of my Being.

    Started feeling odd a couple days ago, kinda chilled, and it's over a 100 degrees out here; really sensative, cried watching Elvis '68 special ('course, who doesn't, right?). Sweating weird, all over the legs, and the legs are just ALL OVER THE PLACE with contractions/spasms; thigh muscles won't let me stretch out in bed.

    Woke up today with a headache, did my errands and came back inside and just died.3 pints of water, bammo! very heavy head, high fever (over 100) and dizzy and feeling slammed, just miserable. Going to bed in a few minutes, and hope we do better tommorrow.

    What is it I have? My wife says my breath smells atrocious; my body aches, tired, drained, can barely hold my head up. Food poisoning, flu? My 12 yr old son was down last Wednesday with similar complaints, but he had just finished football practice, and I asumed he was near exhaustion. He got better the next day, then three days later, I started to feel it, and now...

    Yeah, I can hear it, 'go to the docs', v,' and if I die in the morning even more than now, hey, I will go, but I'd like to avoid having to get back into a car right now, thanks.

    Can't figure out if it was something I ate: everybody else ate the same, though.

    Any guesses?

    Man, I'm dyin'... reminds me of the food poisoning in Taiwan...


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    I don't know, but could it be disreflexia? How about your blood pressure readings? I would try to see a doctor.

    Russ Byrd

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    Ben, what wonderful lyrics!

    Vgrafen, hope you get better soon.


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    Sounds like a UTI Vgrafen

    Hope you get feeling better.

    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    V check your e-mail

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    Thanks everybody for the kind thoughts here and thru email. I'm better today, still weak but fever and nausea gone and balance restored. No, it wasn't dysreflexia or a UTI, of which I have had previous bouts with and can pretty much tell now at their onset. I think it was a virus, though it may be food-related, as I have a red patch/rash thing near my right ankle, which when I touch, my leg doesn't like AT ALL. I'll stay up with it and see how I progress.


    Hey, great lyrics, really nicely done. You watch, I'm stealin' them en masse and when I can, I'll put some chords to it. Great stuff.


    Look, friend, I am no 'Cheng salesman,' as you claim, but if a person is sci and in the acute phase, Cheng and his people are convinced he can help them to recover, if a person can get to him in time, that is. I don't want to see anybody else suffer from sci, and based on what I learned in Taiwan, acutes stand a good chance of recovery if they go to him quickly. That is as far as it goes, and no, I don't 'get a kickback for every procedure I sell for Cheng.'


    Geez, you're a pain in the ass! 'Course I can say that 'cause your my pal. Seriously, thanks for the insights. Can't argue with anything you say, especially when my wife agrees with you!

    Anybody remember Chu-Chu? She's writing me again, but with a mild and pleasant tone; a nice change. I suggested she begin posting here with her questions for me, so everybody can benefit. At any rate, no, Chu, recovery is still snail's pace for me; it's happening, but it's ugly. My spasms are insane, can't straighten my legs or keep them straight. As for my 'next procedure,' as I have said here several times, it will no doubt be another year or more until I have fully recovered from Cheng's surgery; I still have spinal shock, the large dead patch in my back remains in stasis, and I'm very tender and swollen there. Maybe when I have fully healed, I'll have more of whatever recovery I might get. Yes, I am ever-hopeful, but that's just me. Thanks for checking in.


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    v, what do you mean by spinal shock. How do you know if you have it?

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    I am everyone's pain in da ass.....

    Which insights? The medical ones or the ones concerning the nature of when men get sick??? Your wife is smart listen to are lucky and you know it.

    Feel better

    Your friend,


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