How many times have you heard of a cure, new cure, potential cure. may be, could result in or is a cure? How many potential cures have people seen in the last, say, 20 years? I am sick of all or any one 'new'magic bullet begin protrayed as a cure. All the fantastic hyped up discoveries like electric fields, 4-AP, magnets, schwann cells,stem cells, macrophages, excerise and lots more are not a cure on their own. Therefore, I wish that doctors, scientists, organizations, media,etc stop using the word 'cure' so liberally.I dont give a shit about your fund raising, science, research or membership numbers. Please stop giving me false hope and soliciting my money, support or whatever by using that word falsely.

Fact, at this moment there is no cure for a chronic spinal cord injury. Now, don't argue to me with the potential or hopeful cures. There are lots of promising, potential and hopeful cures right now or on the drawing board at this moment. BUT, AT THIS MOMENT there is NO cure for chronic sci! Ifthere is stop keeping it a secret - tell us here and now. Damn, I pray there was or is!! Please support research and cures not those saying they have a cure but in x years time.

As it stands we dont have the time. Some have worked, supported and donated theirs butts off and God praise you all and you have my thanks. I just wonder though? There is currently no cure. There are lots of treatments or therapies currently being developed or trialled. How much more money or time is needed before these are individually tested,approved, trialled, tried in clinical human trials? How much longer do we wait for the same to be done to these in combinations? Remember, there is NO, single magic bullet fix all cure. So, what are looking at? Another 2,5,10,20, before Im 50 or another 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 million dollars? After that how we going to quickly, efficiently dispense our cure?

Now before people call me anti cure or negative well I am 110% for cure. I still donate, support etc. It's just that I'd like some answers and hope people are realistic. I think I have a right to ask and a right to have answers. Shit, I can see all the charities, curists and cure research groups gunning for me after reading this. Well, FACT is theres is NO CURE at this moment.Tell me otherwise and prove it. Anything less than, YES, there is a cure right now, tested tried and available now is irrelevant.