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Thread: cure, cure, cure here, this is a cure, might be, potential, cure

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    cure, cure, cure here, this is a cure, might be, potential, cure

    How many times have you heard of a cure, new cure, potential cure. may be, could result in or is a cure? How many potential cures have people seen in the last, say, 20 years? I am sick of all or any one 'new'magic bullet begin protrayed as a cure. All the fantastic hyped up discoveries like electric fields, 4-AP, magnets, schwann cells,stem cells, macrophages, excerise and lots more are not a cure on their own. Therefore, I wish that doctors, scientists, organizations, media,etc stop using the word 'cure' so liberally.I dont give a shit about your fund raising, science, research or membership numbers. Please stop giving me false hope and soliciting my money, support or whatever by using that word falsely.

    Fact, at this moment there is no cure for a chronic spinal cord injury. Now, don't argue to me with the potential or hopeful cures. There are lots of promising, potential and hopeful cures right now or on the drawing board at this moment. BUT, AT THIS MOMENT there is NO cure for chronic sci! Ifthere is stop keeping it a secret - tell us here and now. Damn, I pray there was or is!! Please support research and cures not those saying they have a cure but in x years time.

    As it stands we dont have the time. Some have worked, supported and donated theirs butts off and God praise you all and you have my thanks. I just wonder though? There is currently no cure. There are lots of treatments or therapies currently being developed or trialled. How much more money or time is needed before these are individually tested,approved, trialled, tried in clinical human trials? How much longer do we wait for the same to be done to these in combinations? Remember, there is NO, single magic bullet fix all cure. So, what are looking at? Another 2,5,10,20, before Im 50 or another 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 million dollars? After that how we going to quickly, efficiently dispense our cure?

    Now before people call me anti cure or negative well I am 110% for cure. I still donate, support etc. It's just that I'd like some answers and hope people are realistic. I think I have a right to ask and a right to have answers. Shit, I can see all the charities, curists and cure research groups gunning for me after reading this. Well, FACT is theres is NO CURE at this moment.Tell me otherwise and prove it. Anything less than, YES, there is a cure right now, tested tried and available now is irrelevant.

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    i can understand your fustration all to weell

    as can so many others that come to this times the posts feel very much like media hyp.your post though is a kinda slap in the face fr me .today, 3 years agoe tonight 7m ,i got hurt.that morning i was doing exactly what im doing now.watching the rain outside and trying to figure out this computer.still though with all the horse sh** posts on hear i still come to this site every morning and drink my coffee hoping ill see "the cure ".

    scott r

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    oh man hehhehe i'm looking in a mirror
    but i understand what u are is so frustrating you hear they are close and then you dont hear anymore about it but "oh they are close over here now" almost doesnt count....or maybe it does cus it means they are trying and getting closer? trying how hard i dont know just wish i was science smart and then i would gget in the labs.

    is the glass half full or half empty? in my case i am damn thirsty so it is emptying fast and someone best do something to fill it up

    - i'll clean my room tomorrow - tomorrow never comes

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    A cure here, a cure there, a cure everywhere but not a drop of cure to drink (with apologies to the Walrus and the Carpenter). Bruno, you are right. Wise.

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    Were you born yesterday?!

    Of course there is no cure today, and everyone knows it. Otherwise what the hell are we all doing here? And there will be no cure until all the right people do the right thing at the right time, alright? So for today, how about a cold shower?


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    The Cure Rollercoaster...

    is not for the faint of heart. One day up, the next day down. One day the cure looks like it will be here before we know it, the next day it looks like it will be twenty years. We all have to temper our expectations when reading any article. And the more we know the more we will ask the hard questions about any potential therapy. This is the only way to smooth out the ride. It's either that or get off. Some people choose to check in here only once a month. Others every few months. That way hopefully there will be something new to uplift them. Others choose to come here daily and just hang on and endure the peaks and valleys. We all have to do what's right for us.

    It's going to be a long haul. We need to buckle down for it. Some people adopt a twenty year time frame in their mind in order to keep from being anxious and disappointed all the time. We all cope in our own ways. Anyway, I feel the same pain as everyone else. We want it yesterday.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    If you belive in a cure you are already cured.
    I wish i could look into all of your eyes,curiosity,hate,love,anger.
    Place it in front of a mirror and nobody see the chair,only the human.
    It`s good to be here on this site today,learning.
    So if tomorrow don`t show up,make shure today worth it.

    There is only idiots who never
    make mistakes,progress can`t live without.

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    No argument here Bruno S.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Da says...

    ...the cure was here last Christmas and I for one believe him...hehe...not.

    Good post flames from this guy.

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    Bruno, I am confused as you are
    4 years after my injury (t5-6), I still think of it as a
    passing issue and one day I will wake up normal again. And then some days
    later I know it is for a longshot. Trying to live my life as good as I can,
    I still wait for the cure like crazy... and I am starting to doubt it.
    But I hope.... Ahhhh, drives me crazy.
    Anyway, lets play soccer in a few years? )

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