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Thread: Why don't handicapped people have to feed the parking meters?

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    Wait, so the whole state of California I don't have to pay parking meters??? That's pretty awesome.
    Not necessarily. Not all parking meters are equal. Those meters in privately owned and monitored lots don't allow free, unlimited parking. There is a privately own/operated lot in town that has two handicapped parking spaces, with no parking meters. If you park anywhere else in that lot at a meter, even though you display a handicapped placard, you will be ticketed. In public lots and on street parking, you can park at any meter, display the placard and park free for unlimited time. You have to read the signs posted in these lots. I was ticketed in the aforementioned lot and fought the ticket, but was told this was a one time courtesy.

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    gjnl is right. You have to check the signs. For a while in San Diego we had free handicapped parking even in the commercial lots (at least for ACE Parking, the largest company) as a result of a suit about their lack of accessible spaces. This lasted about 2 years, but now sadly is no longer in effect. Street metered parking though is free with a placard.

    The local PVA chapter has been active in hunting down and reporting people who abuse this to Parking Enforcement, and there have been some pretty big cases in the downtown area where people were fraudulently displaying placards for months and getting free parking. One that I am familiar with was successfully prosecuted and paid over $20,000 in fines plus calculated actual meter fees....


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    In AU if quad can't use the machine, but were required to that would be illegal. Interestingly the private ones require payment, but have such crappy kerbing that even a para can't pay. I guess a lot of people want to drive in to those ticket machines.

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