for the last while i have been reading on the board "a cure is coming" kinda reminds me of one time when i saw a guy on the street corner with a big cross saying god is coming. that was awhile ago, and well...i havent seen god yet
of course this guy didnt speculate specifics, and hence the specifics for *when the cure is coming* has not really, in essence, been set out yet. it seems to change from week to week day to day.

but one thing seems to be obvious, you all seem to think -atleast most of u- that a cure is on the way. Even if we all cant agree when. but the real question that makes me wounder is where does everyone get thier numbers? from doctors? from this forum? from friends? from tv and media? from what? or is it simply faith that one day somehow, somewhere, someone has got to figure this SCI stuff out and its gotta be soon.

or maybe was it 5 years ago people were saying that "five years from now there will be a cure" then 5 years later it didnt happen so they decided to say "well they are going to figure it out it didnt happen in the last 5 years but its gotta happen in the next five"

so tell me where you getting your numbers from?