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We often argue on this site about the amount of money and attention given to central nervous system regeneration by Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) and its offshoots Rick Hansen Institute and ICORD.

We argue, but we often don't have the facts we need to ever end the discussion and move on. So today I have set it up so you can ask Mr. Art Reitmayer, the new CEO of RHF, a direct question as well as congratulate him on his appointment and RHF's 25 year anniversary.

The question is:
What percentage of funds from RHF go directly to a cure for spinal cord injury?

You can go here to send the email: http://stemcellsandatombombs.blogspo...tions-new.html

The more that ask, the better chance at an answer so we know where we stand (pun intended).

Please pass it along to your friends and urge them to send this question.