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Thread: Can you tell me the fastest chair out there?

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    haha my buddy has a custom made inva storm with some kind of weird motors that goes 15mph
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    I don't want to get into a dick-waving contest with power chairs, but my Q6000 has the high-speed motor package which will do a respectable 8 mph. The standard model is only 6 mph. It's very maneuverable for indoor use, but what IT IS NOT is a good off-road power chair. IMO it has a lot to do with how the chair is programmed through the controller. That's one of the first things I go through when I get a new chair of any brand.

    ETA:I only mentioned that chair because of the foot rest options mentioned in post #20.
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    Gunnslinger8, sorry to hear about your friend.

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    sorry doingtimeonmyass that wasnt meant to put you down sorry it seemed that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by patd View Post
    Any chair with a FreeWheel on it!

    Finally ordered mine (and a Tilite wheelchair to go with it) today... Way excited!
    I'm Sam.

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    Does it matter?

    You have been a big help.

    doingtimeonmyass,thanks I think about her everyday,she was great,if she was on the forum you all would love her.She was intelligent,razor sharp wit,compassionate,classy; and cared about the s.c.i community.One of the main reasons,and another I will talk about another time,I despise and have a deep deep hatred of people that would leave you when your life changes in an acc...she was engaged and thought they loved each other,after auto acc. They got in a minor argument which they always did,but he used that as an excuse to leave her( jerk off )while she was still in hospital.
    Sorry I got off topic.
    I want to thank you all for the help as a result I'm a more knowledgeable in chairs ( learn something new everyday ).
    I hope to return favor,if there are people that are disabled,and your concerned about your safety.If your thinking about protection I maybe able to help give you some knowledge.
    I'm done with this thread.thanks again. Gunnslinger8

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    Quote Originally Posted by deel90 View Post
    sorry doingtimeonmyass that wasnt meant to put you down sorry it seemed that way
    No problem, I didn't take offense. Thank you though.

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    Fastest chair? But I built it myself...

    Details here

    Small footprint, 15 mph, 45 miles real world range, HUGE 3000Wh 45v lithium power, snow and sand and wheelies capable!

    Now 95 percent completed. Just waiting for powder coated bits and some alloy wheels to arrive!!!

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