I'm a T11 para. In rehab I learned to cath in bed with the mirror, the red rubber cath, the Betadine. It was messy and time-consuming, and I was still incontinent because my spastic bladder had reduced to a 50 cc capacity. I would have done it myself when I got home except I had to start using an indwelling Foley because of the small capacity. Wearing the bag of pee was awful too, and I still leaked around it.

Once I had an operation (ileocystoplasty) to make the capacity better, I learned about the "female catheters" - the short pastic ones that you can use on a toilet and a new world opened up. If you have to cath on a bed, it's kind of hard to leave home all day. Using a long rubber cath on a toilet is messy. I guess it's hard to get on a toilet while wearing a clamshell brace .. but later. Maybe she'd feel better about cathing herself with these.