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    Travel article on

    The newest article on will have you ready to pack your bags for a trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park! mobileWOMAN Amy Saffell tells us about accessibility at these two destinations and all the glorious sights she saw on her recent vacation! Take a look at the gorgeous photos, too!

    Check it out....

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    Holy S*#T! That bear looks scary! Thanks for the link Cheryl!

    Funny thing is my family--2 brothers and mother and their husbands and wives went on a trip to Jackson Hole when I was still younger..I wasnt included, as they said...a.) I was a young mother and couldn't afford it..true! and b.) they claim it wasnt accessible..not true! Well I should send them this article! lol

    Thats ok..I make sure I send them all the pics from my travels around the world now..hehehehehee...and I am sure to always invite them to join me before I go..
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