hi i'm new to this site. i signed up because i am interested in buying a handcycle but i have a lot of questions. i am not spinally injured, but i have a permanent leg injury and cannot ride a bicycle. i was an avid cyclist before my injury, and i am itching to get active again. i've been looking at the freedom ryder FRH-1A.

- is there a way insurance or medicare would pay for any of it?
- are these custom made to fit each person or could i buy a used one?
- what are the pros/cons of sitting upright vs. laying back?
- does it work out core muscles (abs/lower back) very well?
- would this bike be ideal for long distance riding (in the future after i get in shape)?

that's all the questions i can think of right now, i'm sure i'll have more later. thanks, i appreciate any feedback!