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    Pain relief

    About two months ago my fiance had spinal shunts (2) placed in his spine (one in the upper neck and the other in the lower neck area). He is a t7 complete and said that the pain is very overwhelming because it is a new type of pain that he now has to get used to. The doctors said it could take up to 9 months before he starts feeling better but they have him on oxy now that is causing some pretty bad mood swings and issues with hostility (which he never had before). Does anyone know of anything he can try that would help with the pain either medication or anything else? It's been really hard to watch him have to be in so much pain and have there not be anything that i could do to take it away. Please help!!!

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    If the oxycodone doesn't work for him let his doctor know, it shouldn't be a problem to switch to dilaudid or fentanyl patch's.
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    do you know if those cause mood swings? The oxy is causing really horrible mood swings and issues with hostility.

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    mparke - the mood swings are are from a combination of his underlying, unrelenting pain and the narcotics. It is a common problem that often spouses and loved ones have to bear. I think of it like when my dog was hurt or injured, he would growl if we came close to try to console him. I often know I need to take more pain meds when my wife informs me that I am 'snapping' at her. I am not aware of it often. It is terrible aspect to chronic pain. I would suggest bringing it to his attention and suggesting that he take more pain relief meds. I hope it gets better. It is possible that an occasional valium will take out that aggression and anger.

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    Oxy what? Is it Oxycontin which is extended release or is it oxycodone which only lasts maybe 4 hours if you're lucky. It's important to have him on some type of extended release med and then have something for what is called break-thru pain.

    The anger is related to his pain and not the meds. As was said ask the doc for something for when he gets aggravated, high anxiety, etc... something like Valium or klonopin or ativan is good. Also having him evaluated for depression would be a good idea ... these days they have very good meds for depression that also have pain relief properties as well.

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    Thank you all for all of your help. Tyvin, he is on Oxycontin. I guess the mood swings due to pain make a lot of sense. I am just so used to being around him and seeing him have to work through his every day pain but since the surgery he has made the comment of it being a "new" pain that he has to learn how to handle. Tyvin, he is on a antidepressant (celebrex) but has been unable to take it for almost a month now due to his new dr, and his staff, being unable to either fill the medication at the right pharmacy or being able to fill it at all due to being incompetent. They always say the called it in or faxed it in and we go and there are no meds..VERY frustrating. He also has been taking Valium since the surgery but said that it doesn't do anything for him.

    Arndog, I will try to bring that to his attention next time. I know he is in a lot of pain (more than usual) and that combined with the meds do not make for a good combination, but sometimes it's hard to not internalize the situation and think that what he is blowing up about it the real issue, not his pain. But so far the the Valium does not even touch him. I will talk to him about the extra meds though and see how that works. If he were to get off of the oxy is there anything that anyone is taking that they find to work longer and better?

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    Celebrex is a non steroidal anti inflammatory, like a long acting Advil. It isn't an antidepressant.

    tyvin was referring to a med like Cymbalta, which is a combo pain and depression med that can help, I have yet to try it but it is on my TO DO list.

    There are a number of long acting opiates. I don't know if one is better than the other. I know that Methadone is approximately 100 times cheaper than oxycontin if that is an issue.

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    Im sorry, I meant to put Cymbalta. Payment for the oxycontin is not an issue either. However, I do worry about the issue for addiction that comes along with using a drug like it. He wasn't doing too bad when he was taking the Cymbalta and the pain meds, but like I said, his dr's office says that they will call it in and they never do so that just adds to the issue. I also don't understand why his doc when to prescribing him 40mg of Oxycontin ever 12hrs to, now a month later 5mg every 12hrs. He just had major surgery and the 5's aren't touching his pain at all.

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    You need to add an octave to your voice every time they forget, ( more like laziness )you don't sound like a confrontational person,BUT when it comes to something serious like this you should.The pharmacy will also help by calling for you,because mine does all the time...also tell Dr. it is unacceptable he is not getting his scripts...try to have an angry tone to your voice.He should understand,if not find someone else.There are phenomenal Drs out there,you just have to look for them.My Dr. always listens( most just hear ) and never treats me like cattle...if his Dr.always interupts or you all feel rushed at app.,personally I would find another pain physician.Does he get good sleep?I ask because when your in pain it is almost impossible to get a good nights rest...just think about when you ever had a toothache,or some type of pain that kept you up...alright now imagine ten times that and it happening every night.You would probably grumpy,or insane.
    I hope the best for both of you. Gunnslinger8. PS make sure he takes anti dep. It helps.

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