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Thread: Several issues

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    Several issues

    I have been ailment free for a year and a half. Then didn't pass a good bowel for 4 maybe 5 days last week. Went to my gym Wednesday and worked out like always. (push to walk in nj if familiar). Loads of stretching and working out. Thursday morning I feel ill. Figue it will blow over. Friday the same and it has been hot, real hot. Now no bowel, my left side of my stomach feels as tight as a basketball, and a fever starts of 101.5. Saturday, worse, lots of dozing off, fever hits 102 and up all day. I drink loads, but not much urination. Now Sunday and I feel I sholud write. I have always had steady but well controlled spasms in my legs, now my left leg dosnt move much at all when I try to provoke it, I took loads of milk of magnesia and must have blew out any thing in my bowels, my stomach is still bloated and rock soils. Fever is right now at 102.3. And the worse thing, is I have always gotten a great sensation when I need to urinate, and my business would draw itself in, and now no felling what so ever. A few weeks out of the hospital, I used to sweat on one side of my face, never figured out what caused it, and now it is happening all over. The last 4 days have sucked. Hit me with suggestions.

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    Go to the ER get checked out

    I hope you feel better

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    I agree, go to the ER. You might be impacted or at least constipated. A fever that high is something that must be checked by a doctor.
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    Magnesium Citrate hoss.
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    What RDF said, You need to get to the ER TONIGHT. Any fever of 101 is considered high and requires medical attention. Describe what happened when you took the MOM --how much you passed, whether it was liquid or formed stool and if so, what the texture was. It's still possible for you to be impacted or have an obstruction even after having a very loose/liquid BM.

    Don't wait -- get to the ER.
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    You definitely need to go to the ED now. Fever that high for more than 2 days needs to be evaluated. You could be getting an infection in our bloodstream. Keep us posted.


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    Sounds more dangerous than you seem to think. Head to the ER ASAP and get some tests done.
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    Magnesium Citrate hoss.
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