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Thread: Apple's Magic Trackpad

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    Apple's Magic Trackpad

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has had success using a mouthstick with an Apple Trackpad? I assume the simple answer is no. I've been able to adapt my mouthstick to work with my HTC Evo4g phone by using a piece of conductive foam and a copper wire running over the tip, but the same set-up won't work on an iphone, so I'm wondering if it would work on a trackpad. Any experiences?


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    Using a mouthstick on the Apple Track Pad would indeed present some challenges. I am a C6/7 complete quad and just bought a new iMac with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I use a plastic typing finger on a cuff that fits around my hand and I am struggling with the scroll feature on the mouse. I have not upgraded my new computer to the new operating system Lion, but there are some other challenges there with the mouse and the track pad that require 3 finger maneuvers, pinch expand and contract, etc. I think my solution will be to turn off many of these features and revert to heritage features that are available. Sure, I am not taking advantage of the full capability of these snazzy features, but I purchased the computer for less wiz-bang reasons. My wife has an Apple Power Book G4 with a built in track pad control for everything, and I find it very slow and frustrating when I work on that laptop. I know Apple has a fairly good adaptive package, but there are a couple things I would add to the offerings, but maybe the computer is still for new to me, I just haven't worked through all the alternatives.

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    GJ, Before you switch to Lion, make sure you've changed any documents created by Appleworks or Rosetta program to Intel or WIndows.. They won't open after upgrading/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    GJ, Before you switch to Lion, make sure you've changed any documents created by Appleworks or Rosetta program to Intel or WIndows.. They won't open after upgrading/
    I run Quicken for Mac 2005, built for the power PC and I run it on Rosetta, now. Quicken came with a 2007 edition and I didn't upgrade and it is not sold anymore. Quicken is selling another Quicken for the Mac now, but it has lost all of its power and is a watered down, beginners version of its former self. Since Intuit (Quicken's parent) doesn't seem interested in providing reasonable software for the Mac, I don't want to have to do a convoluted work around to use Quicken, i.e., buy Windows for the Mac and buy Quicken for Windows. I am looking at having to convert my financial program to iBank as an alternative to Quicken, when I upgrade to Lion. Fortunately, I never used Appleworks, always used Microsoft Office Suite; Word, Excel. With Lion, I am considering going to Pages and Numbers, $29.99 downloads from the Apple Store.

    For Landrover,
    Here are a couple things I have found that may be adaptable to your situation.

    This website has been mentioned here before and may have some things you would find of interest.
    / ng_Wheelchairs.htm

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