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Thread: Nice uplifting story!

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    Hats off to her!

    Great story - we need more of those & isn't the principal feeling like an @#$!

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    "My decision was based on the feeling that she might fall and injure herself."

    Uhuh, I bet they don't have any sports teams either... Awww, poor quarterback has a booboo on his finger. That Principal is in need of a serious reality check!

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    Decision was Not based on the Law

    I guess the principal has neever heard of the "Least restrictive environment", the ADA or 504 of the Rehab ACt. Looks like Shepherd needs to d some disability awareness in their community!

    Some people don't get it and unfortunately they never will.

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    What a great story! Hats off to those that organized the special event and to all those who attended it! I hope that Principal and the School authorities feel ashamed of what they did. Shame on them.

    Our family had our own special glory in April when our daughter (T12 incomplete) was awarded a "Special Award" at the Victoria Sports Award Ceremony "In Recognition Of Outstanding Courage, Overcoming Adversity & Hoping To Return To Competition". She was the only one to receive a cheering, standing ovation, that included Olympic and World Champion medalists (Canada). I think we were all in tears. It doesn't get any better than that, unless it is a complete recovery.

    My awe and admiration is for all of you on this Board that post such inspiring stories of your struggles. Good luck to you all.

    Sincerely, Darlene

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    The principal lost an incredible opportunity to show the commitment of his and his school's commitment to show that they care. I hope that he and his superiors are kicking themselves over this lost opportunity.

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    As the principal probably said later "would somebody please help me remove my head from my ass?"

    Response: "No, it would take too long and you might injure yourself"

    Good for her! Awesome.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Gotta love this girl's gumption

    While the principal was playing "CYA" she was yelling KMA!!

    "And so it begins."

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    The story of Masha was on Primetime THIS PAST Thursday night......she was mentioned here at care cure in the trials section A WHILE BACK.......
    Help Me Walk
    Masha Malikina surrvived the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. But can she recover from a car crash that has left her paralyzed?
    Virginia Parker
    Special to the Jewish Time

    Masha had her "experimental" THERAPY at the Spinal Regeneration Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

    Also check this site for more info. regarding Masha:

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