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Thread: Methadone or Methadose is it for YOU?

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    Does it matter?

    So Sorry

    Hipcrip your a female,I just read your profile ( not because I'm a psychic with delayed abilities ) sorry,your AKA sounds masculine,but I'm pleasantly surprised ( love the girls ) dont mind me I like to flirt.I'm " HIP" when it comes to the ladies.Yeah I know I'm a jackass. You can call a female buddy right?NO. Okay... Like I said I'm a jackass.
    Gunnslinger8. AKA. Jackass. Still hit me up ( soon okay realllll sooon ) joking LOL
    Don't let my sense of humour deter you from responding,I tend to be silly often.I go back and forth,serious- silly serious- silly maybe that's why I'm single at the moment.sometimes you gotta laugh, to keep from punching a hole in the wall,or bullet hole...anger issues?maybe.
    I'm going to Dr.s app. on Thursday to request a change in meds instead of Methadose 5 milli,go to 10 milli 4 times a day,and decrease Soma,or Valium; maybe both.I also need new chair,does anyone know what the fastest chair out there is,no recliner?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnslinger8 View Post
    Betheny thanks for the words,sounds like you have lived a tough life...LIKE ME.I hope you can smile everyday,it's hard for me,because Im angry most of the time grrrrrrr you see.If you look up Brown Sequard you will understand why I'm taking Dilaudid took 3 altogether today,and still in pain.If there was another level above chronic,I would be above that too.I shouldn't complain too much,because I almost died.Spent over 4 months in hospital,first month and week in CCU and ICU staring at ceiling with tubes everywhere.
    Keep your head up betheny. Gunnslinger8
    Betheny has a brown sequard injury and a lot of life experience. Listen and learn from her. Hope you find a bit of relief soon. Neuropathic pain sucks.
    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash

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