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    Walk Dn't Run

    Wise, I know I probably expect WAY too much from any future cure but I'd like to consider your vision of a treatment that allowed "long distance walking" and so that a "third party wouldn't be able tell the person had been injured" but not all is returned to preinjury condition.

    Now, is there anything that specifically prevent the person running or jogging? Does running involve much more complex neurological input?

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    With all due respect mr. Chris. We dont even know if its going to work. Its a trial. Nothing is set in stone. Theres a chance it will but theres also a chance it will have no effects whatsoever. We have to realize that. Its great to see Dr.Wise optimism but theres a long way to go before we see any significant improvements in any functions not too mention "long distance walking". I do believe in trials but I dont believe its gonna be sooner then later. I think we should focus on getting as many trials on the way as possible and think about anything else later once we discover the trial that will yield results. Lithium and UCB could be the one we are looking for ..but at the end i dont think anybody knows for sure.

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    Lets try not to hype it too much. Lets wait for results first and in meantime lets try to get some funds for more trials. I recently read a statement from dr.Kessler. He was pretty skeptical about Lithium and UCB .. I wonder why he feels it might not work. I respect his opinion and that makes me wonder why he chosen to voice a negative opinion regarding Lithium+UCB. Only thing we can do is wait for results and support the trials.

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    Hang on BSgimp, you have misunderstood my question. Yes I really do hope the cord blood lithium trials are successful because they are underway now and would yield a result sooner.

    BUT I may have worded it wrong but I was really trying to ask what is the difference between running and walking on a neurological level. Is it more complicated - does it involve more of the brain's input than walking does. Would 10 percent of fibres therefore not be enough.

    I believe these questions don't call for speculation - I think Wise must have a pretty good idea of the comparative mechanisms of walking and running.

    In any case, if I only got really useful walking back I'd be a very happy man indeed - even though I used to do a lot of running, after 29 years of sitting walking would be heaven and liberating.

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