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Thread: Para wants power chair info

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    Quote Originally Posted by buegerman View Post
    You may like to read this:

    My take on manual or electric wheelchairs, as a T4 complete very active user who has tried both for 14 years.

    >>> from gac3rd's sig... T4 para, 45 years in a chair. Retired electrical engineering professor. Charge early. Charge often. Charge fully through the night.

    And I say throw them away, fit lithiums!

    They should last the life of the chair, half the weight, 3x the Watt Hours, much faster charging, dont die if left discharged, and are much cheaper long term. Scroll down! As fitted to my new BM3 chair.

    Burgerman Ignore my user name, I cant type!
    Just read your page explaining why paras need powerchairs...... amen brother.

    What do you think if the new offerings from gennymobility or allychair? Aside from what they're charging for them I think they're the best damned idea going. Correctly configured they will be smaller than a manual chair, and equiped with decent tires they go anywhere! A center drive without the castors!!! Brilliant!!!

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    I think they are great.
    As you say at a cost.

    I might be a bit worried about fragility, as they were not originally intended for all day every day use maybe. Dunno till I can afford one to pull apart!

    But the main thing is that the batteries are a little small. Esp for a heavier person, and they are too wide with the essential fat cushioning all terrain rubber. All things that can be fixed though I think.

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    If you're not scared to build your own packs (obviously you're not), and can afford the extra weight (my problem), there's lots of space under the seats for more batteries.

    I think currently the way to go is to buy a second hand segway and bolt an old manual frame to it if you're looking to go at it from a cost standpoint.

    I've got an OT coming to assess me on Monday and I'm going to pitch the genny to her on the basis of outdoor access to minesites. I THINK I've dealt with this OT before, and she was a softy so I'm hopeful.

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    I wish you luck! Which side of the atlantic?

    edit: Sorry Canada. I see it!

    Here in the UK I managed to cause so much trouble that they have me on a new pilot scheme (of just me!) to build my own fast, lithium powerchairs. They put a considerable sum in my bank, and I spend it as I see fit every 3 years. And I see fit to build my own!

    Hence the chair I already link to somewhere on here.

    Added... Lithiums are much lighter. The extra weight you have (your problem?) is the reason you NEED more battery power. As it is with a lightweight on board the segway runs out of steam long before a "old tech lead" powered chair does. I have been all over my town, and the nearby seaside town with a freind on one and me in a powerchair. And I am fat! Segway died long before my lead battery powerchair needed charging.

    So you need more power still if heavy.

    My new lithium powered chair has 3X the usable stored energy of a pair of large powerchair batteries, and half the weight, saving some 56lb...

    Check out this photo. This is HALF the weight of the lead batteries it is sat next to, fits the exact same space, and stores 3x the usable energy. And lasts about 10 to 15 years and 4x as many cycles. And since it only needs charging say once a week in the winter when you dont need 45 real world miles, that means it will easily outlive a powerchair.

    2000 cycles - charged say once every three days, is 15 years. But it has 5000+ cycles if not fully discharged!


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    You're preaching to the choir my friend

    ASIDE *You're not the only guy who has dicovered LiPo and LiFePo4 batteries through RC, I haven't been able to fly much this year but I own one or two of those plane thingies myself. Around 10 actually, everthing from 30" electrics to a 124" 150cc gasser. Last year I put the first few flights on a 100cc aeroworks edge running on lipos (12s4p lipos). Flys nicely and JUST JUST JUST hovers (all chinese electronics and batteries, outfitted cheaper than I could have bought a gas engine for it).*

    Having said that, I'm just under the genny weight limit as is so they invent batteries about as dense as helium, or a tougher segway like drive train I'm sunk when it comes to range. Why don't you whip something up and sell one to me on the down-low? I'd give my word not to hold you to all the safety, hand holding, polyanna crap that the crip equipment manufacturers live by. :P

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    To the OP, sorry for the thread derail in my last post but it has reminded me of another great reason for you to take the plunge on the powerchair business. I've flown Remote control aircraft since I was 18. It was still fun, post injury, but I always required a great deal of assistance starting planes and carring equipment and I always needed a lot of resolve and time to move about the grass feilds.

    Last year I finally bought a hitch carrier for hauling my powerchair out to the feild. After 8 years I regained the ability to handle and fly my planes 100% independantly. I cannot describe what a feeling it gave me to be out doors, out of the city doing something I love....... and independantly!!! 7 years of practice with a manual chair and I wasn't even close to this, a powerchair is a level of freedom that all paras deserve as far as I'm concerned.

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    Its not just airfield, (I do that too) or just being able to travel about freely outdoors to pubs, or to walk the dog. Pwerchairs allow you to do EVERYTHING more easily.

    A stable platform, one hand free to carry stuff or open and close doors. As I say on that page, the ONLY thing manual chairs do better is pack into a normal car. Powerchairs do everything else better. They allow you to live your life again.

    All this Paras dont "need" powerchairs that we are brainwashed into by the system completely misses the point.

    You dont need a powered mower, or a powered hoover, or a powered drill, it can all be done manually. But thats not the point!

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    transitioning form manual to p/c

    I too have recently switched to pwr because of worn out shoulders. I fought hard for years long past when I should have switched.

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