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Thread: Has anyone tried the Wijit Adapter

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    Has anyone tried the Wijit Adapter

    A friend of mine is looking at the Wijit lever adaptor. Has anyone tried one or own one. He's also looking for a used one if possible. Thanks.
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    This looks good...
    A New Approach to Mobility

    The Wijit Lever Driving and Braking System, dramatically improves manual wheelchair mobility. The combination of the lever drive, transmission, and wheels reduce the force required to move your chair.

    How Does it Work?

    The Wijit attaches to your current wheelchair. Quick release hubs let you remove the Wijits quickly. Propel your wheelchair with levers rather than wheel rims. Spin on a dime. To stop, pull in on the levers. Each wheel brakes independently providing enhanced steering capability.

    Steer Clear of the Wheels

    The superior ergonomics of the Wijit let you safely drive our chair without touching the wheels. No more gloves. No more friction burns. No more dirty hands.

    Additional Benefits

    Along with increased mobility and clean hands, the Wijit provides the following additional benefits:

    Drive: The Wijit's lever design cut the effort needed to self-propel the wheelchair in half and reduces the need for hand and wrist dexterity, and arm strength.

    Brakes: The Wijit's braking system is easily activated and eliminates hand friction and vibration.

    Steer: Steering with the Wijit is easy and requires minimal strength and coordination.

    Improved Posture: With the Wijit you sit in a comfortable, upright position with better back support. Using the Wijit will build your core strength.

    Makes Hills Easier: The Wijit's levers and gears make it easier to go up hills. The brakes give you control going down the hill.

    Reduces Injuries: The Wijit has been shown to reduce the possibility of injury to your hands, wrists, and shoulders. And it keeps your hands clean!

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    Glad you found it I hoped my reviews would get read some day.
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    My friend purchased a set and they didn't work out at all. Thankfully, they have a trial period so he got his money back.

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    i flew over to boston for a weekend in 2008 (6 hr flight from dublin). before i left i bought a quickie 222se from spinlife and had it delivered to my uncles house. i also arranged with superquad in california to ship some wijits to a sister office in boston so i could try them out before buying. i did try, then buy...... bear in mind, i have the older ones, which are 1:1 only. gears would be nice, but i never would have survived so long in a manual chair without them. strength has never been an issue for me, but the movement/control/coordination of my hands and arms is. i use the wijits almost exclusively, everyday. i can, right at this moment, move across my apartment to get something, and be back without even thinking about it. i simply would not be able to do that efficiently (in terms of time and effort) in my backup chair, which has spinergy wheels. on balance, i found the extra width and positions of the handles relatively easy to manage. it took a bit of learning to open doors, etc, but then it did when starting out in the chair too. ive scraped a few doors, but i havent actually demolished anything, as i might have done in my power chair, and i dont have to sit staring at the walls, waiting for someone else to push me where i want to go. back when i bought them, if i had started using a power chair exclusively instead of the wijits, id be in a far more difficult position in terms of my condition and its progress.

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    I tried the Wijit and it was awful. Poorly built, it was loose and didn't engage and disengage well. The braking was unequal. The levers stick out so it's easy to get caught in things. They can be pushed behind you and somewhat out of the way but not really. They are heavy. I was disappointed and especially at the fear tactics used by the salespeople at the Abilities Expo making claims of certain unjury if I didn't use their product and that if I did I could avoid those problems altogether. Based on what research have they reached these conclusions? I think none, it's just selling.

    Also, I don't want to stand out any more than I do and these giant levers really stick out. They are to me, bizarre looking. I have two friends who bought them and neither used them more than a week. In my oipinion, stupid invention with a good premise. Change the pushing motion to something more ergonomic, yes. Do it with giant poorly designed and made levers that cost a fortune, no.

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