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Thread: Woman from Europe - Oslo Explosion

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    I hope they don't live in the middle of Oslo, because I know now about at least one person whose apartment is destroyed from the explosion and windows in the buildings around me are broken.
    No thank goodness, they live about 25 minutes outside of Oslo in Nesoya (sorry if that isn't spelled/diacritically marked quite right) off Ring 3/E18. They observe summer work/business hours and would have either been home, on their way home from the city or possibly even took the day off to start a long weekend.
    News just now coming out on CNN that a shooter at the camp has been arrested, that the Prime Minister was supposed to speak at the camp, there is fear that there are bombs planted at the camp and the bombing of the government buildings and the shooting at the camp are related.

    All the best,

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    Then they are living far enough but I know people on Nesøya could hear the explosion.

    Last thing I have heard on the new is that 30 young people are shot on the camp but they are not sure and the shooter is a tall, blond Norwegian looking man.
    They are not sure for anything and it makes me nervous that it is worse from what I expected from the beginning and worse from they says. And they tell us to stay inside at home and not use the cell phone
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I'm reading those Stieg Larssen books just now. There's a lot more violence up in your neck of the woods than I ever realized. Remember how we talked about WW2, and how to your family it basically ended in Europe? And you're been taught that the trigger-happy (and possibly evil) Americans had dropped nukes on Japan?

    OMG, I was astonished, b/c so much of our WW2 was fought after Europe was settled.

    I never once thought about how Sweden/Norway/etc. had to be during the Cold War years. We were 1,000 miles away from the USSR and scared shitless. You guys were next door! Then when it fell, it wasn't just a party in Berlin. The organized crime element thrives on chaos.

    Reading about all the assassinations of Swedish politicians reminded me, I'm clueless. Don't know why they're blowing up buildings and shooting one another in Oslo. I DO know it sucks when that happens. I wasn't living in OKC when nutjobs Tim McVeigh blew up the Murrah govt building, but I've always had family here and this town is scarred. Tightest airport security I've ever seen, and God forbid somebody call in a prank bomb threat, SWAT and OBI and FBI freak OUT.

    PS-I know Norway and Sweden aren't the same LOL.

    PPS-Stay safe!

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    Bente, as soon as I saw the news my thoughts went straight to you. Please stay safe and keep posting so we know you are ok. Here's to angels watching over you and all your loved ones.

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    How old are the youths at this Labour camp? That's a political party, right? We don't have such a thing, it's the parent's job to indoctrinate their kids w/ political propaganda LOL. (Hence Jake once declaring himself Republican, just to aggravate his Democrat-Since-Conception mother )

    I mean, it sounds like some Hitler Youth movement bs, but surely it isn't. What do they do at such a camp, other than have what sounds like a nutjob looking for sniper practice?

    Love the description-a tall, blond, Norwegian looking man. I know you have many immigrants, but still, tall, blond and Norwegian looking must be fairly common in Norway!

    Did the shootings stop after they arrested their suspect?

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    Wow, Bente, that is far too close to home. Glad that you are OK. Stay safe.

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    I think Oslo is less safe than people in other countries believes, even for the people who live other places in Norway. We have what I use to call the East European mafia and we have some fundamental muslims living here and of course some criminal and/or crazy Norwegians.

    Nobody knows who has done anything today except that the person shooting in the camp is Norwegian. The people on the camp are mostly teens and people in the early twenties and it is not a political camp but mostly just for fun. Gro Harlem Bruntland was there today to visit and the prime minister had plans to go tomorrow. They say it is about 20 teens killed but the island is full of trees and it is difficult to find the dead persons because they have been hiding in the woods. But the shooting has stopped on the island.

    I have been looking TV all day and still do, but I think we are going to know more tomorrow. It is soon 11pm here and I don't know how much longer they will continue. The town is full of police and told us to stay inside and we have seen the parade street and it is empty. Usually it is full of people at this time at Friday night. Only some tourists and some curious people are out and the pubs and restaurants are closed. The street is just besides the Government buildings.

    One muslim group has said that they are responsible for the bomb in Oslo but how can we know that.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    It seem like it is the same man who has placed the bomb and shot the people on the camp. He is 32 years old, Norwegian and they think he belongs to the right extremists in Norway or Sweden. And he is caught by the police and the police is questioning him right now.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    This sounds like homegrown terrorism. Similar to the Oklahoma City bombing. WFE - you must have felt the shock wave from the explosion. I can't imagine being that close.
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    This is so crazy. I am so happy it is not a muslim attack but a Norwegian right wing who has done it.

    It was really scary and I am so happy he is caught, but I still wonder why he did it.

    The last news from the police is that it is at least 80 teens killed at the camp. It is more and more bad news all the time. I can't sleep.
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