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Thread: Pay for air

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    Pay for air


    in Germany we must now pay for air at the gas station.
    For 5 minutes of air we will pay € 1.

    Do you know that too?

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    We've been paying in Ontario Canada since my early twenties! (I am almost 39 now ... )
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    thank you

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    It's pretty common in the US to have to drop a few quarters in the air machine too.

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    It is common in Oregon as well. It costs about a half dollar for air.
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    In Connecticut it is illegal to charge for air, BUT the machines all take coins to run. Because it is a state law, they put a sign up that says that the air is free, you just have to ask the attendant to turn it on. But I am sure a lot of people miss that, and just put in $.
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    Free gas station compressed air is pretty rare now days. When they started charging 15-20 years ago here, we purchased our own inexpensive (Black & Decker) compressor for home, and use this both for the van, car, and wheelchair tires.


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    I use to own service station's, somebody has to pay for the compressor, the electricity to run it and the maintainence of it.
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    Out here in the midwest, we just call one of the football players to come over and blow the tire back up.

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    I hated when they started that stuff here, air compressors don't cost that much.
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