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Thread: Any pain tratment ?

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    Any pain tratment ?


    I had 2 ADR operations and a fusion in C5-C6.
    I suffer from hard nerve pain in all my limbs, 24 hours a day.

    I would like to know if anyone had any treatment for such pain (SCI pain).
    I would appreciate having any details of a specialist physician in this field or on any treatment (except for drags and stimulator) which might help and you have experience trying it.

    2004 - left arm pain during pregnancy.
    Dec 2005 - C5-6 Prestiege ADR - more pain in the arms and legs.
    Mar 2007 - C5-6 revision (Spinal-Kinetic ADR).
    Dec 2007 - C5-6 fusion.
    Having unbearable nerve pain 24/7 …

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    I am moving your post to the Pain Forum where I hope you will get more responses to your question.

    As you know, many of the therapies for neuropathic pain do not work for everybody. Most people who have pain have tried many therapies. Have you tried amitriptyline, gabapentin, and duragesic (fentanil) patches?


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    melisa - Have you been to a pain specialist in your area? What have they recommended for you and what have you tried?

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