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Thread: Icon Wheelchairs are now available for sale.

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    Didn't you guys appear on Shark Tank ? I thought you had a great presentation, love the weightless adjustability. The design is fantastic. mark

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    Off topic, but maybe useful to someone. I had the same problem described in the last paragraph of post #9. My fix was to put glides on the bottom of the table legs. The glides look like a planned design feature, they were cheap, easy to install and they provided the little bit of clearance I needed to fit comfortably under the table with the taller cushion.

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    Jeff did you do FEA to figure out what force & how long it will take for the fasteners for the adjustments to come loose?

    The chair turning into a "wiggle wagon" will be a real issue for those with poor finger dexterity, not just quads, but people with Spina Bifida. CP, MD etc. People who don't have friends/family to help maintain there chairs could end up spending a fortune going to a dealer for chair adjustments.

    My brother takes care of my ZRA since I can't use a allen key without stripping something. If he's out of town and something goes wrong, my dealer charges $75 a hour for labour with a half hour minimum charge.

    No doubt locktite will take care of some of it but I really think you need to look at making it user maintainable as much as you can. Also a liability issue, if somebody doesn't tighten up everything properly, don't laugh I almost lost a rear wheel on a A4 while I was in it because the service tech didn't tighten things properly.

    That being said good luck with it, you guys have been down a hard long road, first with Marvel and then getting this new chair to the point it is.

    I know all the testing is expensive but I think you need to address the issues Tooley & I brought up.

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    @Canuck & Tooley, you guys need relax a little before assuming that fasteners will be a nightmare. The Icon hasn't even made it to production. My Marvel was basically maintenance-free once everything was set, and the quality of the Icon should be equal if not greater than the M1.

    It's not a manufacturer liability issue if you can't personally turn a wrench, by the way. I'm not knocking your concern, but a line has to be drawn somewhere.

    How many fasteners are on your ZRA, just out of curiosity?

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    Personally, I like the look of the Icon, and agree that the adjustability is a major plus. I've wanted to tweak my current chair a lot more than I do just because it's such a pain to make adjustments.
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    Congratulations, Jeff! I hope Icon is a big success for you and Christian.

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    @canuck and tooley - the concern over the fasteners is a legitimate one, but like -scott- said, our last effort didn't rattle loose and was a non-issue once it was set. There are ways of doing things, and then there are ways of doing them well, and we're committed to spending the time and energy to design and engineer to the highest standard, and to spending the money on good tooling for tight tolerances and on high quality fasteners - if it costs us an amount more per chair to use fasteners that won't be a problem, we're saving ourselves money in the long run because we'll deal with less problems.

    The Icon has significantly less fasteners/hardware than our last effort, and not many more than other chairs that are currently in the market, and the quality will be top shelf.

    On the "turning a wrench" thing - we worked really hard to make as many of the adjustments as possible tool free - this was so that the number of people who could help out wasn't limited to those with an extensive toolbox.

    We also made conscious decisions about how to shape parts that need to be turned in such a way that they can be turned with limited finger -scott- said, there's just a reality that arises at some point that as manufacturers we can't do anything about except to do what we can to make things as easy to adjust as possible - and limited finger dexterity was one of our design parameters from day one.

    @canuck - we did run FEA simulations for shear and plastic strain on the chair with hardware in it.

    @Donno - The adjustments are really easy to do - Christian is sitting in a prototype, and tweaks and adjusts it depending on what he's got planned for the day.

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    This is an exciting time here. Finally an advancement on the future of manual wheelchairs!!! I wish this was available a year ago when I first needed a chair. I would trade in my POS Tilite ZRA s2 in a heart beat. Great Job and thank you Jeff.

    Keith Larocque

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    Speaking of real world testing, have you jumped off any loading docks or 4 foot tall stone blocks in an Icon yet?

    I miss those videos.

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    Great job guys.
    Wish your venture huge success.
    Kudos for trying to make our lives a little easier.

    Will you be offering a deep discount for Marvel upgrades .

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