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Thread: Icon Wheelchairs are now available for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WahWah View Post
    Another expensive wheelchair with a single purpose.

    Bloody hell, it's shaping up that I will have to buy a 3D design package and design a chair myself, jesus christ do I have to do everything?!

    I will speak for myself: I want a (cool looking, minimalist designed) chair where you can get out of bed, roll sraight into the shower, enjoy a shower, then dry yourself and the chair off, back up over the toilet and take dump, wipe, roll out of the bathroom and then transfer back onto your bed, put a good cushion on the chair get back on it and get out into the world, possibly go overseas.

    I want to go see the Tour de France next year and I want to take ONE chair and ONE chair ONLY, you speccy invention gits better get crackin', dont leave it up to me I have enough to do! (all in good humour).
    That was a fun read!

    Go have another

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    Quote Originally Posted by WahWah View Post
    Another expensive wheelchair with a single purpose.

    I want to go see the Tour de France next year and I want to take ONE chair and ONE chair ONLY, you speccy invention gits better get crackin', dont leave it up to me I have enough to do! (all in good humour).
    On an interesting note, it's not all that expensive - I've not mentioned the price, and nobody has asked. Weird.

    I'll put your requests in our "suggestion box", and let you know how things work out for your one and only transfer/shower/toilet/bidet/transcontinental travel chair. The whole drain spinning in the wrong direction is going to be an engineering nightmare for us.

    What colour would you like it to be? If we can figure it out so you can sleep in it, should we add that to the list? Bloody Aussies - consider the gits to be crackin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    On an interesting note, it's not all that expensive - I've not mentioned the price, and nobody has asked. Weird.
    Ok Jeff, I'll ask:

    What's the price? What's included in the base price: wheels, casters, backrest, cushions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    Will you be offering a deep discount for Marvel upgrades .
    Good question. Might tempt me in to buying an Icon if the answer is yes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grommet View Post
    These guys are the only makers who are chair users.
    Not true. Bill Lasher, owner of Lasher Sport, is spinal cord injured and a user of his own chairs. I have one and love it, been using it everyday for two years.

    I'm definetly not trying to take anything away from Icon as I might be enticed to buy one. I have much respect for Jeff and Christian and that's one reason I bought a Marvel early on. It would have been the perfect chair for me, but that damn front caster wing gave me a pressure sore on my ankle and I never have been able to get it adjusted right.

    I hope the Icon guys have great success because I think they deserve it.
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    At this point in the industry, I'm pretty sure all the companies have wheelchair users in key positions. That makes for some interesting arguments as I have had in my recent Terminator purchase. The key advantage is that things usually end well with an empathetic opponent.

    As for the 3 D design, the stuff that the average person would need is freely available in google sketch up.

    Videos on how to use it are easy to find at youtube.

    I haven't posted my designs in awhile but you can find them at the google 3 D warehouse. They were good enough to have conversations with people like Jeff Adams.

    So, wah-wah, put the best man on the task of designing your all purpose chair. You're the only one with the vision in your head so download the software already.

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    This may be a dumb question but I have to ask. All the images look like the rear wheels have 0 camber, you will be able to order these with 4 or 6 degree camber right?

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    Senior Member DaleB's Avatar
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    I'm curious about how the shock mounts inside the 'tube'. Will other 'industry standard' shocks of the same size and spec be mountable?

    Also, I'm curious as to what the order form will look like. What kind of things are spec'able vs adjustable vs static? Does the front end come with a standard reduction, if any, or is the footrest width/front end a 'one size fits all'?

    And none of the models I've seen have included side guards. Are they part of the offering, as well?

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    @NW-Will - Discounts for a trade-in: yes.

    We feel a sense of responsibility to the people who put their faith in us, and the only way we can expect people to continue to trust us is to act in a trustworthy way. A big part of our motivation for starting again was because of a concern we had that people may have gotten stuck with a wheelchair that they could no longer get parts or service for. There will be very deep discounts to anyone who wants to trade-in.

    @t8burst - The camber is adjustable - 0, 2, 4, and 6 are all settings that you can choose, so no need to pick a camber, and you can set it depending on what your current environment dictates (eg. 0 if you're somewhere doorways are narrow, 6 if you're doing an activity where you need a bit more stability).

    @DaleB - sideguards are available both from us and from ADI, who will do a custom fit set to your spec/settings, and the shock is interchangeable with other bike shocks that are readily available.

    We also have wheel locks (scissor and push to lock), push-handles, anti-tippers, seatbelts, and a creepy clown mask as accessories.

    I attached the order form to this for your perusal/feedback - we're trying to keep it "to the point". The nice thing about our design is that it means we don't need six pages of "this works with this, but not that" clauses.

    On the wheelchair users who own wheelchair companies side of things, I think that Bill Lasher is the only other person who actually "owns" their company - which shows - both in the quality of his products, and the amount of work that goes into some of his more "showpiece" chairs like the ballistic one. We actuallly sent him some fender blanks for a chair he was making to match a motorcycle at one point - not sure if he used them or not.

    The other companies certainly do have people who use wheelchairs in key positions - TiLite is probably the best at this, with Josh and Alan and Marty, which we applaud, and Schulte is getting more and more influential at Top End/Invacare, which is great too, but other than Lasher, the actual decision makers in those companies don't really have a vested interest in improving wheelchair technology.

    Christian, Tom and I founded and own Icon, and if we want to change the design or launch a new product that may make a big difference to people but not such a big difference to our corporate bottom line, it's not going to take more than a heartbeat for us to make that decision - we don't need to clear it with a Board of Directors or Advisors or the shareholders, or bring our ideas for final approval to a President or CEO who doesn't use a wheelchair.

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    Senior Member jschism's Avatar
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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    are the side guards fendered? What is the story on ADI wheels, any idea when those will be available and will they be any good?
    Also, i don't see the creepy clown mask on the order form?
    the trade-in deal has me really interested, i've got a quickie ti that is too big and used for only 3 months, other than video game seating for my kids. I'd like to know more

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