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Thread: Icon Wheelchairs are now available for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee1 View Post
    His knees are suspension... He wouldnt want to make some of those jumps sitting on the seat!
    I know that the suspension there was Mac`s arms and legs, i was just jocking.

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post

    @Toto - I'm kind of surprised that you seem like you're not a fan of suspension? I saw your posts on the carbon fiber by strips seat and you seemed really excited about going off curbs and so on with the suspension that modification provided.

    Yes i like it, but i don`t think is something necessary for a daily chair, If i have to do a suspension chair for some xtreme guys i will do a full weld frame with a good suspension sistem, of course i could get some use of your chair jumping some stuff for do a cool video, but in reality in my daily use i only go up&down some little curbs as much with 6"-8", so with my seat i have more than enough.

    Btw, my suspension seat by strips was an accident.
    When i order my first Oracing i really hate their sling seat tension by strips, because i had to be tighting them every few days, now they have improve with the strips and buckles and are better.

    So i thought in change it for a CF solid seat pan, and i thought: I`m going to add around 1lbs to my chair changing the seat, what i could do for add less weight? well i`m going to do it by strips for have it lighter and see what happens, and bingo!!!
    i discovered that they had some flex that work like a little suspension, and there was when born carbon fiber suspension seat

    Don`t doubt that i like suspension too, but i`m not a really fan of the Icon, but don`t doubt that i wish you all the best with your project.
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