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Thread: Bard Leg Bags Suck

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    Angry Bard Leg Bags Suck

    Last order of Bard Leg Bags sent to my daughter are made with plastic tubing which doesn't stretch like the latex tubes!!!!!!. I would like to know if anyone else is having issues with this particular brand. I have called left messages and no one from Customer Service has called me back to explain what their reasoning was to changing the tubing in their leg bags. Issue: tube didn't stretch and we had a leakage during physical therapy!!!!!! Embarassing!!!!!!! Anyone know if there's another leg bag mfg. that uses the latex tube? I guess I'm going to buy my own latex and change all plastic tubes.
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    This should probably move to Equipment but for now.. Are you talking about the extension tubing some dealers attach or include with the bag? If so start ordering your bags seperately and then order the latex extension tubing seperately. This tubing can be cut to size with regular scissors and one end fits about any bag made.
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    Urocare leg bags, I've used this type for 30 years and never a problem. You need to get the latex tubing separate though and I'd suggest the optional quick release drain valve and the optional fabric leg straps.
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    anyone know of any quad friendly leg bags
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    The last order we had clear tube instead of the more flexible light tan color ones. Is this what you are talking about?
    We used to get the bags and order the connecting tube (?) separate. It seemed easier to get them together. I thought maybe there was a mix up when I saw these.

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    Many medical product companies are eliminating latex in their products due to demand for this from the medical market-place. Latex allergy is a serious problem for both health care workers and those with frequent contact with latex products, esp. with exposure to mucous membranes (catheters, externals, latex gloves, etc.). Those with SCI are in the top 3 risk groups for acquiring latex allergy (along with those with SB and CP). I suspect this is why Bard had made the change.

    We stopped using Bard leg bags where I work about 10 years ago due to this issue. We now use Hollister, which we selected specifically because their extension tubing was the softest and stretchiest we could find in a latex free leg bag system.

    I have been notified that Sierra is discontinuing their latex leg bags soon. As far as I know, Urocare and Alpine (Coloplast) are still going to continue to offer latex bags, but even they may be jeopardy.


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    i use Conveen 5167, best ones i ever came across. great for shorts too.

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    I wonder if the SP will continue to be latex-at least that is what I think it is.
    Thanks for the explanation KLD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisGuy View Post
    i use Conveen 5167, best ones i ever came across. great for shorts too.

    C5/6 Quad
    I just looked at these. Is the bag opaque? On the Bard we order there is a "flip flow" to empty it so urine just not spill out.
    How do you do it with this bag? Are you using it with a SP?

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    OK-I got out 2 of the Bard "Dispoz-A-bag" leg bag with "Flip-Flo drainage valve" and indeed they are both # 150919. I just thought we were sent the wrong type.
    Good thing I read this before I called all pissy (no pun) because they sent the wrong kind.

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