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Thread: Quickie Shark S handcycle for sale

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    Quickie Shark S handcycle for sale

    I have a Quickie Shark S handcycle for sale. The handcycle has only been used a handful of times (less than 10). It was purchased new in late 2006 early 2007. It is in like new condition and has been sitting in my garage for several years. Seat width is 16". It features the detachable fork, shimano gears, 20" rear wheels with fenders and a beautiful flip flop blue green paint job. The paint turns from dark blue to dark green depending on the lighting and angle that you're viewing it at. I'll also include a gel cushion as well. It retails on Sportaid for $5000. I'm asking $2000.

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    Deps213 I'm in Florida and want to have a look at your Quickie Shark for sale. Can you contact me ASAP. 778-846-9342 Thanks Bruce

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