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Thread: New to Roho Quattro

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    New to Roho Quattro

    Good evening!

    I am a 20 year plus w/c user, very active: approaching 50 now. Last year I had a flap operation done on my right trocanter. Now I have a stage 4 ulcer on the right ischial. For twenty years I used a Jay 2, w/o out issues. When I was afflicted with the trocanter ulcer I started using a Roho Quattro. I wound care doc loves em. With the Jay 2 and its stability I was able to slip my pants on with no problem. With the Quattro it is impossible. In fact at home I get back into the Jay 2 to get dressed. This is impractical for outside of the home though. Any ideas? Any ideas as to why after 20 years I have having these skin issues? The clinicians tell me my skin is getting old and thin. I am eating correctly etc....

    Any ideas on a cushion which will take care of my skin and allow me to dress outside of the home?


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    See if you can demo a Roho Hybrid Elite. I love mine, some hate them.
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