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Thread: Evan was denied a scholarship...OMG

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    Evan was denied a scholarship...OMG

    Shame on you.
    Evan applied for a scholarship from our local senators office . Please read moms reply to the denial letter he received. Maybe if he was an illegal he could get some help... July 19,2011
    Dear Senator De Grange,
    My son Evan Cronhardt received a denial letter form your office for a Senatorial Scholarship based on his level of financial need, academic achievement and extracurricular activities.
    Evan receives a check form social security in the amount of 1,117.00 per month.They calculate his income for a 6 month period totaling 6,702.00. He then has to pay out of pocket 4,600.00 for the spend amount to meet the required income to maintain his medical coverage. That leaves him with an income of about 300.00 per month. He then pays for his food, prescription co pays, vitamins, gloves, bed pads and numerous personal items. Mom has lost her 50.000.00 a year income as a nurse because I care for Evan at home . Dad has been laid off for several months.
    As far as his academic achievement, Evan carries a 4.0 grade average. I think that is miraculous due to his circumstances.
    And as for extracurricular activities, Due to no fault of his own, Evan is paralyzed from the chest down and has no use of his hands.He was hit by a driver, speeding with no licence or insurance. He had just taken the exam to enter the AAPD when the accident occurred. Judge Paul Goetske is Evans mentor. He has there same level of Spinal Cord Injury as Evan. My son plans to go to law school then into politics to make changes in the law to benefit people like himself. He also attends Kennedy Krieger 3 xs a week for physical therapy and maintains a strict physical therapy program at home. In addition, he has numerous doctor visits , lab work and medical testing and he has maintained a 4.0 grade average which I think is absolutely phenomenal.
    Coming from an elected Government Official I think it is pretty sad when preference is given to an able bodied person who can go out and work for a living as opposed to a disabled person who can;t.

    Thank You Very Much For Your Consideration,
    Mrs. Jean Cronhardt

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    Depending on the Senators reply back to me after he reads this letter I may just forward a copy of the denial letter and the communication between the Senator and myself to our local news paper. Again, another way our Government views the disabled. They get nothing.... Have you heard of the dream act????? Its a way for illegals to get out of state tuitition rates where if you are a US citizen you have to pay the full rate. They are going to make Simple come out of me and she is a crazy B---h. When she comes out I have no control. You know Cybil ? The crazy lady with the multiple personalities , I have one inside , I call her Simple. Oh they don;t want to mess with Simple.

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    Wow, I hope you get a positive response and that this was just someone who didn't actually read all that Evan has accomplished despite his challenges. By all means send the article to your newspaper, or call and do an interview with them, although the case stands on it's own merit and probably would be best presented without the impression of immigrant bashing (just saying...).

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    good response to big dissapointment.

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    Evansmom: I am disheartened to read that Evan was denied a senatorial scholarship. He is however eligible for FREE tuition as of July 2011 at any Maryland community college.

    I am very familiar for the Dream scholarships and will vote for them when they hit the ballot. There is tight criteria for eligibility including paying taxes and being a state resident for 3-4 years. I think you are misrepresenting the program.

    Has Evan applied for Voc rehab or other scholarships? I would urge him to do so and see if he can appeal the senators decision. I hope you get a response from his office. I would urge you to contact your Federal congressman as well as federal Senators.

    Did Evan submit an application to Swim with Mike? That is another option and many have had their tuition covered at 100%

    Just some ideas and suggestions.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    It's truly sad our government doesn't pay for all citizens proving themselves to go to college, as in more graceful nations like France.

    As for Voc Rehab, I gave them the finger. Evan may be more compliant than I was with their bullshit, but they essentially make appointments with you that seem like repeats of every other appointment, they're ridiculously incompetent and slow, and they need explicit verification for everything. For example, Evan cannot tell them what he plans to study and why, he must know that he will indeed be what he says he's going to be as if he knows the future or any slight deviations may not occur.

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    Does the state of Maryland not have a Dept. of Rehab? As bad as California is financially, they still provide college tuition to our kids with sci. Calif. will pay tuition to state schools: Cal State campuses and UC campuses. I think they also will pay a portion to private schools. It may be worth checking into.

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    Do you know for sure that an able bodied person got the scholarship? The last sentence of that letter is just wrong and it makes you sound angry and bitter.

    There are lots of ways to go to college for free and especially at his age.

    If he is going to go to Law school, I would not want my mother to send a letter that might come back to bite me later on......especially to people I may have to work professionally with someday.

    The old addage holds true "when one door closes another opens" was true in my case and I bet it will be true in his.
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    I agree with DED about that last sentence: the statement that a disabled person cannot work for a living is counterproductive to your point and incorrect.
    Not at all to dump on you - I understand your feelings, and sympathize.
    Evan sounds like a fine young man who will do well.
    There must be a way to finance his education. Keep looking.
    Best of luck
    - Richard

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    The letter you wrote is a mistake. Any young man or woman looking to go to college with aspirations of law school does not need a parent writing a senator and pulling the gimp card on said elected official.

    As I understand the scholarship for which Evan applied, competition is quite stiff and many young men and women are denied. Because you have now written the letter, it could be construed Evan needs his Mother to fight his battles for him. If he cannot handle rejection for a single scholarship, how will he manage in the rough and tumble life of four year education and grad school?

    Just because we are dis, the world does not owe us highly competitive scholarships over anyone ab or less dis. Just because you may think another young person was less deserving of the education award given the other teen is ab, you do not know everything about that other young adult. Competitive scholarships are not given out of pity based upon circumstance.

    Your own letter makes the argument against Evan winning the scholarship. If his GPA is miraculous due to paralysis, is he not less likely to succeed in the harsher educational environment of a four year school and then, law school?

    Hopefully Evan applied for scholarships other than the senatorial. There are awards based upon testing scores (ACT and SAT), community service, honors programs in individual colleges and unis, grades earned freshman year of college, etc. Even if he has applied and been accepted to a private or ivy league institution, most do all possible to ensure the best and brightest can attend, whether financially well off or not.

    BTW, when you say Evan cannot get a job like some other teen, you are selling your son short. If he has not yet held his first job, volunteering and interning can help build a solid scholarship ap. Most senatorial and congressional scholarships are heavily weighted on service to others. It's a given there will be stellar GPAs among applicants. Unless there are equally impressive activities and volunteer service, there is not a chance of winning.

    Unless the scholarship was based upon the recipient being dis, it is irrelevant the chosen winner is ab or dis.

    Other than Voc Rehab or certain state and commonwealth awards based upon quadriplegia and blindness (as in my state - Tennessee), scholarships are based upon merit including, and often beyond, GPA.

    Chill with the letters to elected officials. That senator had the right to award the funds to the person(s) of his choice. You could be harming Evan's future legal and political aspirations by what you are doing today.

    How does Evan feel about that letter? I'd be equally angry and mortified if my parent wrote such a thing. Most of us want to succeed based upon ability, not disability.

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