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Thread: Here's some gourmet cookies you can get by mail order

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    Here's some gourmet cookies you can get by mail order

    By John H. Palmer
    New Canaan News
    (A Hearst Corp. publication)

    Lisa Najarian bakes a mean cookie. But don't take her word for it. She's never tried them.

    The self-described sugar addict gave up eating cookies a couple years ago after getting sick, but the half-pound circles of love that she bakes are getting rave reviews -- so much so that she sells them faster than she can bake them.

    "Chocolate chip cookies were always my downfall -- you could never put just one of them in front of me," she said. "I took a cookie recipe one day and just started putting other things in it. And it worked. My family is my quality control."

    The New Canaan resident has become a bit of a hero in the town circle of sugarholics. They can't seem to get enough of her cookies, which she sells under the name of Loopie Doops, a nickname she earned years ago when her father-in-law had trouble remembering her name and his secretary made up a nickname that stuck.

    Since her debut selling her cookies at last year's Sidewalk Sale in New Canaan, they are being scooped up around town at places like Fish Tales, Chicken Joe's, Joe's Pizza and Mobil on South Avenue. The Filling Station just asked her to make 90 pounds to put into their Milkshake of the Month in September. And she'll sell them at the town's upcoming sidewalk sale.

    "I've now got these addicts who love these cookies," she said. "I cannot wait to get out there and sell nationwide and have a distributor buy me up. When I make my first million, that's when I'll try my first cookie."

    In California, she met her husband, Peter, a former NFL football player turned options trader and a regular contributor on the CNBC financial investing show, "Fast Money." After he left football, they moved to Chicago in 1993 where they lived for 15 years so he could pursue his financial career.

    Based on her mother's model, she began making aprons and sold them, as well as baby calendars that she made under the name "Loopie Doops."

    The couple moved to New Canaan in 2007 so Peter could take the job on "Fast Money." Last year, Najarian started making cookies for her daughter to take on New Canaan High School volleyball road trips.

    She created the "Triple Threat," a half-pound cookie with chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter chips.

    Besides Triple Threat, she sells "Raisin the Bar" (oatmeal raisin chocolate chunk) and "Nuts for Berry White" (white chocolate macadamia nut) under the Loopie Doops name. Half-pound cookies are $4 each and quarter-pound Lil' Loopies in batches of 12 or more are $1.50. They can be found online at Najarian is on Facebook and Twitter at Loopiescookies.

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    Fairytale Brownies

    I like this place for BROWNIES (I order these for gifts for our nursing staff every Christmas, and for my bro-in-law for his birthday). They are decadent!!


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    It's fun to read about decadent food and to give it as gifts. However, I am trying to limit my sugar intake to less than 10 grams a day, so I prefer this kind of mail order food:

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