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Thread: New chair time, advice?

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    New chair time, advice?

    I had a new chair eval today. Time to retire this old folding chair. The DME was steering me toward a TiLite Aero Z. Is this a good choice? Are there better alternatives? I'm looking for something lighter and more maneuverable, but comfortable too since I spend all day in the chair now. I'm also hoping to have insurance cover as much of it as possible since I have to pay out of pocket for any non-essential upgrades.

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    Do you foresee any potential problems in switching from a folding to a rigid chair? The Aero Z will probably fit just about anywhere a folding chair will. So, transporting may not even be an issue. Spend some time thinking about "center of gravity" when ordering your new chair. Many chairs have limited adjustment, and that is one of the most crucial dimensions when determining how a chair "feels."

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    I agree on the center of gravity. I went from folding to rigid and the cog was the only problem I really had. The rigid was also much more reliable and easier for me to get it into the car on my own. I use a ZRa and I love it.

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    I have a QuickieQ7 and I love it. It's superlight and extremely adjustable. The backs fold-down. I have a few friends who are long-time quads who got this chair and say it's the best care they've ever had.
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