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Thread: Quads who swim...

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    Quads who swim...

    Hey yas,

    Yesterday I had my first dive in the ocean and while it was beyond GREAT, I was basically a whale getting towed, sooooo... That got me wondering if any c4/c5 inc quads are doing this and how you do it.

    First I couldn't sort out my butt, it was independent n stubborn n wouldn't cooperate, much less once I was wearing all the gear n tank.

    If you swim in a pool, how did u learn this, and get your arms strong enough to not look like u are "hands up" held hostage under water? (I wasn't that bad, but if I woulda worn webbed gloves, I'm sure the neoprene would have forced them to that level)

    Looking forward to some nice n juicy replies!
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    cant swim but CAN surf
    C5/C6 Complete since 08/22/09

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    I'm a c 4/5 and went swimming, well got in a pool twice while in rehab. Since I have use of only one arm I merely practiced turning myself over to a heads-up position. I didn't do very well, but I enjoyed seeing a lot of PT's and PT tech's in their swimsuits.

    I've haven't been in a pool since... would rather soak in a hot tub. When I win the lottery it'll be a key feature in my mega-bathroom.

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    If you think you would love to dive checkout
    International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD) website

    As to your question, it all about bouncy.
    I use ankle weights to keep my legs from floating.

    I am a tech diver and do all forms of diving from rebreather to deco. I was just recently diagnosed C7 incomplete ASIA C and plan to keep diving wherever and whenever I can.
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    @Mac: LOL that vid looks fun hehe... but I wanna swimmm

    @Scott: I hadn't been in a pool in ages myself till last Saturday and while it was annoying to just be able to float, it was great nonetheless to b there.. I want more, need bootcamp swim classes with a coach who's not scared of breaking me.

    @t6para: I DIDDDDD!!!! Had first dive yesterday, 4 more to go for full certification, but would like to do more than nothing under water... Wasn't able to even inflate/deflate my BCD nor move around on my own when finally neutrally buoyant.. All though, since was my very first dive, I didn't want to get in the way of my buddy divers, so didn't try much other than to clear my mask and such. But can't wait to go again! that's why I want swimming classes too, was bugged about floating once geared up n with my ears under water I couldn't hear much.

    Also, do u know of a way as a quad to pinch my nose to equalize? I tried but couldn't grasp right between both hands... perhaps a trick somewhere?
    Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

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    I'm a C6/7 quad and just went on my first diving adventure!! It was a BLAST!!! LOVED IT!! I went with Eels on Wheels to Bonaire. Here is a video of me diving. You can see how I equalize my ears. You may need a different mask...

    Here is one of me swimming in a pool. I use a life vest, snorkel and mask!
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    Great vids Shonnie... You are definitely MUCH stronger than I an at the moment.

    Are you able to go vertical once you are wearing BCD and are still up on the surface, or do you have to stay in a float position?
    Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

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    I may not be understanding you're question, so let me know....

    My head is up, above the water when on the surface wearing my BCD. They put weights by my booty otherwise it is up and I'm more horizontal. Does that answer it?
    Even though it's not well with my body,
    it is well with my soul.

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    yes.. but my legs did fine once under without weights, so dont wanna use them at surface as theres no point.

    Here's vid of my first dive... shows how out of condition I am... n at start u can c me floating, which is what I meant.
    Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

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